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Solar PV - Module Manufacturers

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Solar PV - Module Manufacturers

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Explore our trusted partners and discover how together, we are lighting the path towards a brighter, more sustainable future

We partner with the world’s leading Solar Photovoltaic (PV) brands, bringing you the latest in solar technology and innovation. Our curated selection of brands represents the pinnacle of reliability, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. From cutting-edge solar panels to advanced energy storage solutions, each brand we work with has a vision of a cleaner, renewable energy-powered world.

JA Solar

Typically our standard module offer comes from JA Solar who represent excellent value for money as well as being in the Top 3 Largest Producers of 2021. Coming with a 25 Year performance warranty and sleek looks the JA Solar Modules have been a very popular choice for our customers. Coming with a 25 Year performance warranty and sleek looks the JA Solar Modules have been a very popular choice for our customers.

JA Solar Website

Hanwha Q.Cells

Hanwha Q.Cells modules form part of a premium solar offer from GreenGenUK, often paired with an Optimised Inverter Solution. Q.Cells Modules come in high wattage outputs with market leading warranties for both degradation and corrosion.

With more than $65billion in annual sales, Hanwha is South Korea’s 7th largest business group and also ranked in the Fortune Global 500. Hanwha purchased Q.Cells in 2012, growing the company to one of the worlds largest, premium solar brands.

Q.Cells Website

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is ranked as one of the top Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers and offers very high-performance products. Trina Solar produces a large range of solar panels for residential, commercial and utility-scale installations, incorporating many of the latest cell technologies including bifacial, half-cell, dual glass, PERC, and more recently the advanced N-type TOPCon monocrystalline cells.

We find TrinaSolar Vertex S Modules very competitive on their price point for larger commercial projects.

Trina Solar Website

REC Solar

Founded in Norway in 1996, REC Group is an international pioneering solar energy company dedicated to empowering consumers with clean, affordable solar power. In 2010 they became fully automated, producing more than 26 million solar panels in their production plant in Singapore.

REC have very strict control over their supply chain, ensuring tight policies are in place for efficiency and ethics. REC’s internal testing is up to three times as stringent as industry standards ensuring their products perform strongly in even the most extreme environments. <br)

GreenGenUK are certified REC installers so our customers can get an additional five years on the 20-year product warranty plus a labour warranty for up to 25 years via the ProTrust Scheme.

REC Website


We are proud to offer our customers access to premium solar solutions renowned for their quality and performance. Aiko Solar is a leading manufacturer known for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability. Our relationship with Aiko Solar enables us to deliver top-of-the-line solar panels that meet the highest standards of reliability and efficiency. With Aiko Solar’s innovative products and our expertise in installation, we provide our customers with tailor-made solar solutions that harness the power of renewable energy effectively.

AIKO Website

Solis Inverters

Currently one of the largest Inverter Manufacturers in the world, Solis Ginlong Technologies are a Chinese-based company offering domestic, commercial and battery-ready inverters. GreenGenUK recommends Solis as part of our standard offerings as a result of years of positive experiences. Not only do we find the quality to be of a high standard, the usability and function of their equipment is seamless for our customers. Online monitoring and onsite consumption data can be recorded by adding a Solis Power Manager to your system. Warranties can be upgraded from 5 years as standard, to 10 or 20 years at additional costs. We often include a 5-year upgrade as standard to give 10 years peace of mind.

Solis Inverters Website


Offered as a Premium Upgrade, SolarEdge inverter systems require an optimiser installed on individual or pairs of solar modules. This enables more energy generation from each solar module by mitigating power losses that result from mismatches between modules. With SolarEdge, weaker modules do not affect the performance of strong ones. The SolarEdge system is future-proofed against potential risks that can cause decreased lifetime energy production.

Solaredge Website

SCHLETTER - The Solar Mounting Group

The Schletter Group is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium and steel photovoltaic mounting systems worldwide. The group manufactures mounting systems for roofs, facades and solar parks as well as solar carports. With three production sites in Germany, the USA and China as well as an international network of sales and service companies, the Schletter Group is active in all important international markets. Schletter Products come with 10 year product warranties as standard.



Renusol is specialised in the manufacture and sales of solar mounting systems for all types of roof and was founded in 1997. From its headquarters in Cologne, the company manages its businesses in all core markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. With more than 20 years of experience and the delivery of mounting systems for more than 3 Gigawatts to more than 48 countries, Renusol is one of the key players in the PV industry.

Renusol Website


Solarport is leading the way in engineering a sustainable future, catering to utility, commercial, and domestic-scale energy generation. With a wealth of expertise in both engineering and solar energy, we specialise in next-generation PV and battery mounting systems tailored for every application.
Designed and manufactured in the UK, their innovative solutions are actively shaping the renewable energy landscape.

GreenGenUK recommend Solarport for ground mounted systems as they have a solution for every ground type. Piled, Screwed, Fixed and Ballasted.

Solarport Website