Heat Pumps – Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pump Installations

GreenGenUK is one of the UK’s leading providers and installers of air source and ground source heating.

Heat pumps are the ideal renewable alternative to traditional fossil fuel heating systems, such as gas and oil.

In addition to being much friendlier to the environment, air source and ground source heat pumps also provide a fuel-saving versus non-renewable alternatives. When installed by GreenGenUK, heat pumps are eligible for a vast subsidy through the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heating is the most popular renewable heating solution.

An 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan unit installed by GreenGenUK near Penzance, Cornwall.

Combining the simple installation with competitive installation cost, air source is the ideal retrofit renewable heating solution. At the same time, they are eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme voucher. A correctly sized air source heat pump will supply 100% of a property’s heating and hot water demand.

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heating is the optimum form of renewable heating, offering maximum efficiency and the biggest benefit through the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

An example of Vaillant's 15kW ground source heat pumps, installed in Devon.

Again, appropriately designed ground source installations will supply all a home or business’ heating and hot water demand.

A ground source heat pump installation tends to be more involved. However, despite the additional costs and disruption, ground source heating will provide the lowest possible running costs and is eligible for a £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme voucher.

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The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme – or BUS for short – provides subsidy to those installing a renewable heating system instead of a carbon burning system. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme provide a £5,000 contribution towards the upfront cost of installing an air source and £7,500 towards a ground source heat pump.

Click the link above to read up the on the Boiler Upgrade Scheme and how it could benefit your home. You can also check out Ofgem’s BUS website for full eligibility details.