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Solar PV for your Home

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With more than 12 years of experience installing solar PV, GreenGen stands as one of the leading solar providers in the South West

Installing solar PV is an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint of your home while also cutting down on energy expenses. Furthermore, those with a solar array reap rewards through the Smart Export Guarantee, receiving payment for all the energy they produce.

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Benefits of Solar PV

Energy Savings

Solar PV generated energy substitutes electricity drawn from the grid, leading to substantial savings on annual bills

Carbon Savings

By substituting grid demand with renewable solar power, solar installations markedly decrease the carbon footprint of a home which can be several tones annually.


The Smart Export Guarantee compensates customers for surplus solar energy they send back to the grid. For instance, if a home generates 4kWh but only consumes 2kWh, they not only offset their energy bills but also receive payment for the remaining 2kWh of unused energy.

How can you maximize the benefits of your Solar Installation?

Energy typically exported to the grid is instead stored in a battery bank. This stored energy is then utilised to offset grid demand during evenings or overnight, resulting in additional energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

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Case Study St Ives, Cornwall

Hybrid Solar PV and Battery Storage Installation in St Ives

A recent install comprising a 5.26kW, 13-panel solar array paired with a GivEnergy battery storage system.

Following a consultation with one of our experts, we designed this system with two strings over two roof spaces to maximise generation capacity. This means our customer has minimised their dependency on the National Grid and reduced their carbon footprint!