GreenGen – Renewable Solutions in the South West

Opened in 2011 by Managing Director Rob Carey, GreenGenUK has grown to become one of Cornwall and the South West’s leading providers of renewable energy solutions to both domestic and commercial customers.

Launched to provide free, impartial guidance to customers looking to make the leap to renewable energy, GreenGenUK provides domestic and commercial customers with guidance, design and installation of a number of renewable energy alternatives, including solar PV, solar thermal, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and battery storage.

How is GreenGenUK different?

GreenGenUK provides an all-in-one renewable energy installation package, covering everything from initial survey and consultation through to complete installation and certification. As such, all of the renewable energy installations we undertake are designed on a completely individual basis and are bespoke to the needs of the customer and the nature of their project.

GreenGenUK’s plumbing and electrical background enables our installations to cover as much of a project as our customer requires – be it just the installing and commissioning of the renewable technology, complete installation of a hot water heating system or the complete plumbing and electrical work required in a new build property – GreenGenUK can do it all. Furthermore, with our experience working on a variety of projects that vary in size and scope, GreenGen is capable of integrating and combining our renewable expertise into larger projects.

As we are able to offer a wide variety of renewable technologies to each and every customer, we are able to offer truly impartial advice to anybody looking into switching to a renewable technology. By offering almost all modern, renewable solutions, we use our knowledge and experience to guide our customers into making the most financially and environmentally beneficial system that meets the capabilities of their property. We aren’t looking to sell any one product over the next, our goal is simply to encourage customers to make the transition to a renewable solution by providing them with all the information required to make a justified, informed decision.

Are we Qualified for the Job?

GreenGenUK is fully certified and accredited in all of the renewable energy solutions we offer. This means that all customers opting for a GreenGenUK renewable installation can rest assured that their system will not only be to the highest consumer standards but will also be eligible for various government incentives.

MCS Accreditation – GreenGenUK is fully MCS approved to install, commission and certify each of the following technologies:

Solar PV
Solar Thermal
Air Source Heat Pumps
Ground Source Heat Pumps

Our MCS accreditation is the standard by which installers of renewable energy technologies abide to and guarantees the quality of our work. To be approved as an MCS registered installer, GreenGenUK undertake annual inspections to ensure the quality of our workmanship and installations. As mentioned above, only renewable systems installed by an MCS accredited provider are eligible for government incentives, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-in Tariff. These schemes provide financial benefit to customers installing a renewable solution and make such technologies stable financial investments.

RECC Membership – the Renewable Energy Consumer Code is the trading standard renewable energy installers abide by. Registered members of the RECC are committed to providing the highest levels of workmanship standards and customer service. GreenGen’s RECC continued membership is a commitment we make to our customers and the work we undertake.

How do we work?

GreenGenUK undertakes all of their renewable, plumbing and electrical projects on a contractual basis – we provide our customers with an accurate proposal pack that details the materials they are purchasing, the nature of the work and our payment procedure. As such, our customers never pay more for their installation than quoted and specified on their order form.

We provide customers in the South West with proposals free-of-charge and with no obligation. We believe that once customers see our combination of quality, experience and competitive pricing our argument speaks for itself. GreenGenUK participates in no on-the-day selling and the purpose of a survey is simply for us to be able to gather all the information we need to generate an accurate proposal that is sent to the customer at a later date.

In addition, we are also able to generate proposals from architectural plans and drawings. This is particularly popular and relevant for customers undertaking new build and conversion projects.

How can GreenGenUK help you?

Whether you’ve decided you’re ready to make the step into renewable energy and are looking for a quotation or you’re just looking to gather some information to further your understanding, we are ready and happy to help.

Our team of renewable experts are on hand to provide you with free, impartial assistance to guide you down the path towards a renewable solution.

To find out exactly how we can help you or to book your consultation, contact us today at:

The office on 01326 564513


Via the enquiry form found at the bottom of this page.