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Battery Storage Solutions for your Home

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Battery Storage Solutions for your Home

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Installing battery storage enables customers benefitting from solar PV to self-consume more of the electricity generated by their PV array.

By charging excess, unused solar generation into a battery storage solution, solar customers are able to increase their solar self-consumption. At the same time, this minimises electricity demand from the grid and maximises the benefit of their solar array.

The Benefits of Installing a Battery Storage Solution

Energy Savings

Installing a battery device offers the primary and most significant advantage of significantly lowering a customer’s electricity expenses. By substituting grid demand with solar power, homeowners can potentially save hundreds of pounds on their annual electricity bills.

Carbon Reduction

Increasing solar usage and minimising reliance on the grid has a favourable impact on the carbon footprint of homes. Decreased dependency on fossil fuel-generated grid electricity and greater utilisation of renewable solar energy results in reduced CO2 emissions.

Grid Charging

More and more energy providers are offering “Points of Use” charging as a means of eradicating spikes of demand on the grid. Installation of a battery solution now enables homes to charge their device off-peak and discharge during peak hours. As a result, financial saving on electricity bills increases.

Grid Backup

Battery storage setups, charged from either the grid or solar PV, offer the ability to supply backup power to homes during outages. Grid backup ensures enhanced reliability and reduced downtime.

How does a Battery Storage system work?

Combining Feed-in Tariff payments and energy savings has made solar PV an attractive investment for years. However, those who can utilise the energy their system generates see the greatest benefit.

Solar arrays usually produce the most electricity when energy demand is low, leading most customers to struggle to consume more than 50% of their array’s energy. Even heavy users are likely to export some of the generated energy.

By installing a battery storage system alongside a new or existing PV array, homes can store surplus electricity. This stored energy can then replace grid demand during the evening, when demand is typically higher and cannot be met directly from the solar system.

Customers with both solar PV and battery installations can self-consume over 99% of their generation.

0% VAT on Battery Storage

This means that the cost of purchasing and installing a Battery Storage System through GreenGenUK just got more affordable. With the 0% VAT rate, there’s never been a better time to invest in making your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

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