Renewable generation systems up to a capacity of five megawatts are eligible under the new Feed-In Tariffs scheme.

Feed In Tariff Explained

Five megawatts is a lot of power, so all households and the vast majority of businesses wishing to install renewable energy systems are therefore eligible.

It is also possible for communities to join together to build their own community renewable energy generation schemes. Just as long as the output is under five megawatts, the system will be eligible for the tariffs. This should be enough to meet the power needs of entire villages!

Who can claim the tariffs?

Anyone who installs a renewable energy system producing electricity is eligible to claim the tariffs as long as they produce less than 5MW of power. Virtually every property in England, Scotland and Wales is eligible.

This includes schools, hospitals, landlords, farmers, care homes, churches, supermarkets, shopping centres and so on.

When can I claim the tariffs?

The tariffs went live on April 1st 2010. So any system that is installed now is eligible for the tariffs. All systems installed after July 2009 are also eligible.

Older systems that were installed before July 2009, but were registered for the Renewables Obligation will also qualify but at a reduced rate of 9p/kWh.

How do I claim the tariffs?

The easiest way to get a renewable energy system and benefit from the Feed-in Tariffs is to find a system provider who will handle all the red tape for you. They will also be able to act as an agent to claim the tariffs on behalf of the beneficiaries.

ARC SW has been set up to provide a complete solution for all your requirements when installing a renewable energy. From design and installation through to commissioning and registration for Feed in Tariff

Of course, you can also do it yourself.

What sort of renewable energy system will I require?

There are several technology options to consider; the best one will depend on your particular circumstances. The size will also have to be selected depending on the space available and financial considerations.

The installation will need to comply with planning consents (if required), connection requirements and other regulatory and legal obligations.

They will also need to conform with the eligibility requirements described in this section of the website.

How much are the tariffs?

The main amount paid by the Feed-In Tariffs varies depending on the size and type of system.
All the Tariff details can be found on our Tariff Level Page