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Commercial Solar PV installation – Lakeside Cafe, Cornwall
Enhancing Sustainability with Quick Payback and Significant CO2 Savings

This week’s spotlight shines on the successful installation of a solar PV system at Lakeside Cafe in Helston, Cornwall. Nestled next to an idyllic boating lake. This commercial building now boasts a 4.62kW solar PV system, showcasing the seamless integration of renewable energy into a picturesque setting.

Commercial Solar Install System Design

The installation included:

11 x JA Solar Mono All Black 420W panels

Solis 3.6kW Inverter

Nichelson rooftrak system

Renusol Rail Mounting system

The project began with an in-depth consultation with the Lakeside Cafe team, focusing on the unique curved and seeded roof.

Given the non-standard nature of the curved and seeded roof, specific preparatory steps were necessary. First, we carefully removed the grass from the designated area for the solar panels. Next, we secured the Nichelson rooftrak. An innovative fixing point system designed to provide a robust connection to the building’s structure while maintaining the complete integrity of the weathering membrane. With the roof prepped and the fixing points in place, we installed the Renusol Rail Mounting system. This system proved ideal for the curved roof, ensuring that the 11 JA Solar Mono All Black 420W panels were securely and aesthetically integrated.

Benefits and Impact

  • Visual Appeal: The completed installation not only enhances the building’s sustainability but also complements its aesthetic, with the sleek black panels blending seamlessly into the unique roof structure.
  • Environmental Impact: The system is estimated to save 0.87 tonnes of CO2 annually, contributing significantly to the cafe’s environmental goals.
  • Financial Savings: With an estimated payback period of just 3.31 years over a 25-year projection, the solar PV system represents a sound financial investment for Lakeside Cafe.

The 4.62kW commercial Solar PV installation at Lakeside Cafe demonstrates how renewable energy solutions can effectively adapt to unique structural challenges. This project underscores the environmental and financial benefits of solar power. Highlighting the importance of customised solutions in achieving successful outcomes.

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