Zappi EV Charger – charge your EV with free solar energy

Charge your electric vehicle from solar energy with the Zappi EV charger

Not only does the Zappi act as a regular EV charger it can also charge an EV from surplus energy generated from a solar PV array. The Zappi automatically diverts excess electricity that’s usually exported to the grid to charge an EV for free. As a result, car charging costs can be significantly reduced.

Furthermore, the Zappi can be programmed to charge during off-peak times to utilise dual-tariff electricity rates.

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Zappi Charging Modes

The Zappi EV charger offers three charging modes:


Firstly, in ECO mode, charge power is continuously adjusted in response to solar generation and household load. EV charging will continue until the vehicle is fully charged, with excess power being drawn from the grid.

The car will charge at a minimum rate of 1.4kW. As a result, the charge rate will fluctuate above this as surplus solar allows.


Similar to ECO mode, charging will pause if too much energy is being drawn from the grid. Charging will only continue when there’s surplus free power available.

The car will still charge at a minimum rate of 1.4kW. Charge power will go above this when surplus solar allows. Charging will pause if a minimum solar input isn’t achieved. For example, charging will pause when 50% (700W) solar input isn’t achieved.


In FAST mode, the Zappi functions as an ordinary car charging point. The Zappi will charge at maximum power – 7kW if single-phase and 22kW if three-phase.

In reality, actual charge rates will vary depending on the car model. Most EVs have a 3.3kW or 6.6kW charger.

Features of the Zappi

+ Programmable timer functions
+ Dynamic load balancing
+ Integral cable holster
+ Clip-on grid current sensor
+ 3 different charging modes
+ Economy tariff sensing
+ Available in single-phase (7kW) and three-phase (22kW) options
+ Tethered and untethered options
+ Wireless control options
+ OLEV grant approved
+ 3-year warranty

Further details and full product information can be found on the Zappi webpage.

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If you’d like a quote for the Zappi EV charger or simply after further information, contact GreenGenUK today.

Whether you’d like a quote for a Zappi EV charger or simply after further information, contact GreenGenUK today.