What happens next?

So, you’ve undertaken your free GreenGenUK site survey and we’ve sent you your renewable systems quotation?

This page will help to tell our customers what happens next.

What happens next – what can you expect from GreenGenUK?


We won’t pester you.

Here at GreenGen, unlike with many renewable energy companies, we don’t do any hard selling; we rely on the quality of our survey, the experience and professionalism of our renewable solutions experts and the competitiveness and accuracy of our quotes to engage our customers.

After sending out our quotes, we give all our customers the opportunity to assess and reflect in order to make an informed decision on their renewable installations.

But don’t think this mean’s we’ve forgotten about you.

We value all potential business highly and will do anything we can in order to help our customers feel as comfortable as possible when making their decisions.

The chances are, if you are on this page, you’ve received an email from ourselves that began explaining your next steps and you’ve arrived here to find out more.

Although we don’t do any hard selling, we are more than happy to answer any and all questions regarding our quotes. Whether it’s to do with your quote, the system we’ve designed, for information on RHI or Feed-in Tariff payments or just for a chat, feel free to contact us.

What happens next – the installation process


All the systems we design are completely bespoke. As a result, the installation process for our projects are unique. However, below are some guides to what you can expect from a GreenGenUK installation.

– GreenGen enforce a two week ‘cooling off’ period on our customers to ensure our clients are completely satisfied and ready to proceed.
– We operate on a lead time of 3-4 weeks on our projects.
– The majority of our renewable energy installations are fitted in under a week.
– A typical, domestic solar PV installation can be undertaken in 1-2 days.
– We have teams of electricians and plumbers that will fit your system removing the need to outsource any of the work. This guarantees customers the highest quality end result.

What happens next – going forward


Our surveyors are some of the most helpful, insightful and friendly in the South West. Add this to the quality of the systems we design and the competitiveness of our quote prices, we are able to convert a large percentage of our quotes into work.

However, we understand that there are a variety of reasons why you might chose not to go with GreenGenUK.

Now’s not the right time –

It’s not always easy to predict the future and often circumstances arise that could push your renewable installation to the back of your mind. Although we encourage all of our potential customers to get in touch sooner rather than later, in the majority of cases, our quote pack prices won’t change dramatically going forward.

You’ve gone with somebody else –

The renewables industry in the South West is very competitive and we can accept that another company might be your preference. As a rule of thumb, we advise anyone opting not to go forward with ourselves to contact us and let us know the reasons why. This helps us to improve going forward and we potentially alter our systems and quotes to offer you more what you’re looking for.

You’ve decided to switch to a different renewable alternative –

If you were initially looking to install solar PV, let’s say, but now you’ve decided to switch to a heat pump alternative, we can help you with that. GreenGen are certified and experienced installers of biomass, solar and heat pump alternatives and are happy to provide new quotations to all our potential customers.

You’ve decided to move house –

Whether the size of your family is changing, your circumstances have altered or you just fancied somewhere new, moving or planning to move house will definitely put your plans to install a renewable solution on hold. Should you be moving house or undertaking a new-build, we would be happy to come and survey the site and provide a new quote pack for your property. Operating and installing throughout the whole of the South West, we’ll be able to continue to meet your needs.