Underfloor Heating Systems – warm-water underfloor solutions

In addition to the renewable heating solutions we install, GreenGenUK also offers the complete installation of wet underfloor heating systems.

Underfloor is the preferred heat emitter for many of GreenGen’s heating customers. Driving down the flow temperatures and providing low-grade, constant heat, underfloor heating offers optimum efficiency and living comfort. As a result, it works perfectly with air source and ground source heat pumps.

Types of Underfloor System

Screeded systems

In-screed underfloor systems are the most popular and common underfloor installation on ground floors.

With a screeded system, underfloor pipe is clipped into the floors insulation and screeded over. The screed absorbs the heat from the pipes and the whole floor becomes a heat emitter.

This type of heating system consists of pipework buried within the floor screed itself. This is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way to fit underfloor heating, but it does rely on having an exposed floor. As such, it is typically only suitable in new builds, extensions or renovations.

Overlay Systems

An overlay underfloor system could be the right solution in properties without an exposed floor.

Overlay underfloor heating sits above the existing floor, raising the floor levels, but doesn’t require digging up the floor. It is often the right solution in existing properties or on first-floors.

Overlay systems comprise of a boarded or panelled system that sits atop the existing floor level and houses the warm-water pipes. This solution can be more expensive but reduces the labour of excavating a floor. This is typically the go-to solution of first or second storeys but will have an impact on floor levels and ceiling heights.

GreenGenUK & Underfloor Heating

GreenGenUK has vast experience designing and installing underfloor systems for both new and existing properties

Thanks to our plumbing and electrical background, GreenGen is capable of installing complete heating systems, not just the renewable heating system. If you’re considering air source or ground source heating, discuss the wider project with GreenGen to see how we can help.

Enquire today to find out more. Furthermore, visit our Blog page for further information on underfloor heating.