Replacing the previous night storage heaters, this Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan now supplies all the home’s heating and hot water demand.

An Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump installation in Hayle, Cornwall.

GreenGenUK was first approached by the customer shortly after they had purchased the property. The task was to find a more efficient, cost-effective way to power their new home.

The customer contacted GreenGenUK because of our background and MCS-accreditation in a number of renewable technologies. With this, GreenGen were able to devise the most financially and environmentally beneficial solutions with the customer.

Why Air Source?

Situated in an off-gas area, the homeowner considered a number of heating alternatives before opting for air source heating. By opting for Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi unit, their home now benefits from the following:

+ Comparatively lower running costs

Air source heating will provide this home’s heating at hot water demand for less than any other heating system available. GreenGen estimated this system to be over £500-a-year cheaper to run than the existing night storage heaters.

+ Friendly, controllable heating

Air source heating provides low-temperature heating over longer periods. As such, the home is now warm constantly and can be personalised to the user’s needs. On the other hands, the existing electric system saw the home hot in the morning and then cold in the evenings – when the heat is needed most.

+ Renewable Heat Incentive Payments

As well as saving on bills, the homeowner will now earn 7 years of subsidy through the Renewable Heat Incentive. Paid quarterly, the customer will receive in excess of £9200 over the lifetime of the tariff.

Visit our RHI webpage for further information on the benefits of the scheme. Alternatively, visit Ofgem’s RHI website for full details on the scheme.

+ Carbon reduction

This Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan installation will achieve more than 400% efficiency. Broken down, this means 3 in every 4 units of heat are carbon-free. Versus non-renewable fuels, this system will reduce the home’s annual carbon emissions by a number of tonnes.

How to find out more?

You can find more information on the market-leading Ultra Quiet Ecodan over on the Mitsubishi Electric website.

To get a proposal tailored to your property and to find out your own costs and benefits, complete the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch.