One of GreenGen’s 2020 renewable heating installations, this 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Ecodan air source heat pump now supplies the home’s entire heating and hot water demand.

An Ultra Quiet Ecodan installation in Coverack, Cornwall.

Having previously heated their home by air source, the Coverack-based customer contacted GreenGenUK when their previous system went down. As their system was a number of years old and couldn’t compete with the Ultra Quiet Ecodan’s noise and efficiency outputs, it was agreed an overhaul of the existing system was the best way forward.

Not only did GreenGen replace the existing external unit with the 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Ecodan, the customer also opted to replace their hot water cylinder with Mitsubishi’s own specialist, 300-litre heat pump cylinder.

A 300-litre Mitsubishi pre-plumbed heat pump cylinder.

Benefits of this Ultra Quiet Ecodan Installation

+ Efficiency

Mitsubishi’s Ultra Quiet air source heat pumps are among the market’s most efficient and quietest units. This installation is expected to achieve above 400% efficiency.

+ Seven-year warranty

As a Mitsubishi Business Solutions partner, GreenGenUK is able to offer all its Ecodan customer a seven-year warranty. On the other hand, non-BSP installers will only be able to offer a three or five-year warranty.

+ Renewable Heat Incentive

This heat pump installation is eligible for subsidy payments through the government’s RHI scheme. Paid for seven years, GreenGenUK estimates this customer will earn over £8,000 in total RHI subsidy. As a result, this system will likely be cost-neutral within seven years.

Find further information on the RHI by visiting our dedicated RHI webpage.

+ WiFi Controls

When combined with Mitsubishi’s own cylinder, the Ecodan heat pump range comes equipped with online monitoring and controls via the MELcloud app. This means both the customer and GreenGen can monitor and control the system remotely for added living comfort.

See how the MELcloud works on Mitsubishi’s website.

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