A Mitsubishi 8.5kW Ultra Quiet air source heat pump installation undertaken by GreenGenUK in 2020 for a customer based in St. Agnes.

An 85kW Mitsubishi Ecodan ultra quiet air source heat pump installation by GreenGenUK in Cornwall.

The Mitsubishi heat pump,estimated to be around 400% efficient, now supplies all of the home’s heating and hot water demand. The renewable heating system replaced the property’s original oil boiler.

This Air Source Installation

This GreenGenUK air source heat pump installation consists of:

– An 8.5kW Ultra Quiet Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump

– A 200-litre specialist unvented heat pump cylinder

– 3 upgrades to the existing radiator system

Mitsubishi’s Ecodan heat pump, combined with the required cylinder and radiator upgrades, ensures this home has one of the most efficient heating systems available today.

Why an Ultra Quiet Air source Heat Pump?

Living in an off-gas area and with their existing oil boiler nearing the end of it’s expected lifespan, the homeowner was keen to look for a friendlier heating system. A neighbour recommended GreenGen to the customer having worked recently in the area.

Following an initial site inspection, GreenGenUK put forward an air source solution that would not only reduce the home’s carbon emissions and running costs but that was also eligible for a subsidy called the Renewable Heat Incentive. Effectively, fuel savings and RHI payments will make this system cost-neutral – maybe even profitable!

The age of the property itself – early 2000s – resulted in high thermal efficiency and reduced heating demand. This keeps installation costs down and disruption to a minimum. At the same time, the customer was still able to benefit through strong RHI support.

Advantages of this 8.5kW air source installation

Air source heat pumps output much more heat energy than the electricity they consume. By making the switch, the home’s carbon footprint has been slashed. In addition, the customer will now:

+ Save as much as £400 on their annual heating bills

Around 400% efficient, the Mitsubishi Ecodan is among the market’s most efficient. As such, the home’s existing oil bills will be significantly reduced.

+ Earn £1350 in annual Renewable Heat Incentive payments

The customer will earn Renewable Heat Incentive subsidy because of GreenGen and Mitsubishi’s MCS-approval. The RHI pays customers for the renewable heat energy their system produced. As a result of the heat demand on the property’s EPC, this system will earn the customer around £10,200 over the tariff’s lifetime.

Read more about the RHI scheme and how it could benefit you on our dedicated RHI page here.

What the customer had to say about their GreenGenUK Installation

Shortly after their switch to air source, GreenGenUK discussed the installation with the customer. They had this to say:

“All the installation team were friendly and professional. Special mention must be made of plumber Nick, who was a credit to your organisation.

Given the time of the year, we are yet to use the house space heating. However, we are very pleased with the performance of the hot water we are getting.

In conclusion, thank you very much to GreenGen for your professionalism and promptness in our being able to stop using oil and move to the more effective Ecodan heat pump.”

Considering Air Source?

Head over to our air source heat pump page for further information on heat pumps and to see if they’re suitable for your home.

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