The myenergi eddi – Solar PV Hot Water Switch

Save money and energy with myenergi’s eddi solar hot water switch.

The myenergi eddi is the UK’s leading solar diverter. The eddi diverts surplus solar energy from your solar PV array to power your immersion heater. As a result, a home’s hot water demand is supplied by solar energy – for free!

Install the myenergi eddi and harvi with GreenGen with prices starting from £600+VAT.

How does the myenergi eddi work?

The eddi uses a CT clamp to monitor solar generation. If there is an excess, the eddi switches on to run the immersion in your hot water tank. In effect, an eddi provides your home with free hot water with energy otherwise lost to the grid.

Upping your solar consumption with a hot water diverter will not impact any Feed-in Tariff payments you earn from your PV array.

The myenergi harvi enables wireless installation without batteries. As a result, the energy an eddi consumes is carbon-free.

Why choose the myenergi eddi?

The eddi is easy to install and user-friendly. Made in the UK, the hot water switch offers numerous benefits:

Harness the sun – divert unused solar energy to provide your hot water for free.

Set timers – use the built-in timers to run your appliances and make the most of time-of-use energy tariffs.

Save for later – the myenergi is usable with battery storage solutions that further enhance solar consumption.

Remote access – when combined with the myenergi hub, the myenergi app allows access to your device from anywhere in the world.

Ongoing reports – the eddi logs consumption and shows the total benefit of your solar hot water diverter. Because of this, users can see their savings adding up.

Protect yourself – the eddi comes with a 3-year warranty.

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