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Tesla Powerwall 2 install in Cornwall.

We recently completed an exciting installation project that showcases the transformative power of integrated home energy solutions. This project involved installing a comprehensive solar and battery storage system which included the Telsa Powerwall 2, significantly enhancing the homeowner’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

Installation Details

Solar Panels: 28 Aiko Mono All Black 455W panels
Inverters: 3 Solaredge HD Wave inverters
Additional Components: MyEnergi eddi hot water switch and harvi sensor
Battery Storage: 2 Tesla Powerwall 2
EV Charger: Tesla EV Charger


The primary goal of this installation was to reduce the homeowner’s reliance on the National Grid, lower their energy bills, and provide a reliable backup power source during outages.

System Components and Benefits

Aiko Mono All Black 455W Panels
These high-efficiency solar panels are designed to maximise energy production even in limited space. Their sleek, all-black design also ensures they blend seamlessly with the roof, enhancing the home’s aesthetic appeal.

Solaredge HD Wave Inverters
These inverters are known for their superior performance and reliability. They optimise the energy conversion process, ensuring maximum efficiency and energy yield from the solar panels.

MyEnergi eddi Hot Water Switch and Harvi Sensor
The eddi hot water switch intelligently diverts excess solar energy to heat water, further enhancing the system’s efficiency. The harvi sensor ensures seamless communication between system components, optimising overall performance.

Tesla Powerwall
The two Tesla Powerwalls provide a powerful and compact energy storage solution. They store surplus energy generated by the solar panels, which can be used during peak times or power outages. This significantly reduces energy bills and reliance on the National Grid.

The installation has been a resounding success. The homeowner now enjoys significantly reduced energy bills due to the combination of high-efficiency solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls. With the ability to store and use surplus energy, the homeowner has increased energy independence and is less dependent on the National Grid. The system also enhances sustainability by reducing the home’s carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future. Additionally, the Tesla Powerwalls provide reliable backup power, ensuring a continuous power supply during outages, giving the homeowner peace of mind.

This case study demonstrates the significant benefits of integrating Tesla Powerwalls with high-efficiency solar panels and advanced inverters. It showcases how homeowners can achieve greater energy independence, cost savings, and sustainability with a well-designed and expertly installed energy solution.


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