Job Vacancy: Store/Warehouse Manager


As part of our continued growth and expansion, GreenGenUK is now seeking a Store/Warehouse Manager to help organise our daily incoming and outgoing deliveries. As one of the South West’s leading installers of renewable energy systems, GreenGenUK has a large number of deliveries arriving every day with job related materials. 

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Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) propose dramatic Feed-in Tariff cut in 2016

Feed-in Tariff | News

In a move that has caused widespread controversy within the industry and uncertainty in customers, the DECC last week revealed proposed Feed-in Tariff cuts of up to 87 percent from the start of January 2016. The announcement, a result of the long-awaited Feed-in Tariff review, also revealed more stringent plans for digression which could see an end to payments on certain system sizes as soon as 2019.

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