GreenGenUK recently completed their first tado° Smart Thermostat installation for a domestic customer in Cornwall since becoming a certified tado° installer.

A tado° Smart Thermostat installation

The customer, based in Helston, Cornwall, had recently moved into their property and wanted to replace their existing, outdated thermostat and programmer with a more modern, attractive and functional alternative. Having worked with a whole host of thermostats and controllers as part of their renewable projects, GreenGen wanted to suggest a thermostat that would not only meet the demands of the customer, but that would also increase the comfort of the home and provide financial returns.

As such, GreenGen recommended a tado° Smart Thermostat installation. The client agreed that switching to a smart thermostat and programmer would be a forward thinking upgrade of their homes heating system. The tado° Smart Thermostat functions in the same way as a traditional stat, but where it differs is in its smart features. The tado° allows users to control their heating and hot water via their smartphone, allowing control of their heating from anywhere.

As a tado° official installer, GreenGenUK sourced the smart thermostats, fitted both the tado° Smart Thermostat and Extension kit and aided the customer through the online registration process so the customer could benefit from the online features and functions tado° offers. The installation itself took less than an afternoon as the tado° can be connected to the wiring from the previous thermostat, connects simply to the wifi system via the included wifi bridge and the extension kit replaces the existing controller.

Replacing a traditional thermostat with a tado° offers several key benefits to users:

1. Energy savings – by using location settings, customers can ensure their heating is only running when the property is occupied. Users can set their heating system to switch off automatically when they leave the home, ensuring no costs are being incurred needlessly. tado° estimated that as much as a third can be saved on existing heating bills by switching to a tado° thermostat, approximately £200 per year.

2 – Automation and Simplicity – tado° Smart Thermostats can be set to function automatically with a variety of settings, such as nighttime temperature, when the property is occupied and when it’s empty. These settings ensure optimum running costs and temperature of the property. The customer can preset these temperatures and then the tado° decided when the heating system is switched on or off. Theoretically, users should never have to control their heating again.

3 – Comfort – by utilising the geographical settings of the tado° and combining it with your smartphone, customers can ensure their homes are warm upon arrival. tado° uses geographical location settings to monitor when a customer is returning home and begins warming the property in advance. This added comfort means returning to a cold home is a thing of the past. Hot water can also be controlled in this manner.

4 – Mobile monitoring – the tado° Smart Thermostat offers a host of online tracking features. Users can see the temperature of their home, the running costs of their home, savings made by the tado° and details on the current operating status. This allows for complete control of the system and a better understanding of running costs.

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GreenGenUK is tado° certified to install smart thermostats. You can contact us directly by enquiring here on our website or you can select us as your chosen installer when ordering online via the tado° web portal.

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