This SolarWorld solar PV installation provides this large new build home with 4,200 units of usable electricity each year.

A 4kW SolarWorld Solar PV installation.

The Lanner-based customer saw the benefit of combining solar PV with his Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump. As a result, running costs have been minimised and the customer’s benefits boosted.

This 4kW SolarWorld Solar PV Installation

This GreenGenUK solar PV installation consists of the following:

– 14 SolarWorld 285w black solar panels
– A Bosch BPT-S smart solar inverter
– A Schletter slate-roof mounting system
– A Rayleigh solar generation meter

This 4kW solar array was designed to fit within the constraints of the property’s south-facing roof orientation. By doing so, the amount of solar energy generated by the system has been maximised. Furthermore, GreenGen specified a system comprising of black SolarWorld panels with the aim of maintaining the appearance of the new slate roof tiles.

System Benefits

By selecting solar PV, this customer now benefits from the numerous advantages of a renewable installation. For example:

Energy Savings – replacing electricity demand from the grid with free solar energy reduces the running costs of this home £440 a year.

Feed-in Tariff – because this solar array is eligible for Feed-in Tariff payments, thanks to GreenGen’s MCS-accreditation. This installation provides an annual Feed-in Tariff benefit of £285.

Carbon Reduction – as a result of replacing harmful fossil fuels with clean solar energy lowers the home’s carbon footprint by nearly 2-tonnes a year.

A Bosch solar inverter

Lifetime Benefits

The customer will receive total benefits from their solar system of:

A total annual benefit of £725.
An annual return on investment of 15.78%
A 25-year carbon reduction of 34.49 tonnes
A 25-year financial benefit of £16,850
A payback period within 6.5 years

Solar PV combined with Air Source Heating

Combining solar PV with an air source heat pump enhances the benefit of both systems.

Space heating and hot water can now be provided by solar energy generated by their PV array, as and when required. As a result, customers are able to consume a larger amount of the energy they’re generating and reducing the running costs of their air source heat pump.

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