SolarEdge Upgrades – Enhance your Solar PV Array with SolarEdge

Upgrading an existing solar PV array with SolarEdge allows solar customers to increase their solar generation, enhance FiT payments and protects the long-term investment of a solar install.

What is SolarEdge?

SolarEdge is a smart solar inverter that works in conjunction with SolarEdge power optimisers to manage MPPT tracking and voltage to optimise panels on an individual basis. The fixed string voltage and individual panel optimisation ensure optimum operation and highest efficiency at all times.

As opposed to traditional string inverts that are subject to string limitations, SolarEdge enables panels to perform to their maximum regardless of external factors such as split systems, shading and degradation.

Overall, customers upgrading to SolarEdge will see the benefits of their solar array significantly enhanced.

Why consider a SolarEdge Upgrade?

Whether your solar inverter requires replacing or you’re just looking to improve your current investment, a SolarEdge upgrade is the way to go.

+ Increased Generation – individually optimised panels reduce the impact of losses and shading. As a result, a system’s total generation is increased.

+ Extra Energy Savings – increased generation leads to a further reduction on electricity bills .

+Boosted FiT Payments – customers claiming Feed-in Tariff on their solar array will see these payments boosted as their system now generates extra kilowatt hours.

+ Extended Warranty – SolarEdge inverters come with a standard 12-year warranty which can be upgraded to 20 or 25-years. Furthermore, SolarEdge optimisers carry a 25-year warranty.

+ Online Monitoring – SolarEdge systems can monitor generation and export via an online portal, enabling remote fault finding and minimising downtime.

+ Compact Design – SolarEdge inverters by their nature are small and sleek in design. As such, they can fit in to the smallest of spaces.

How much will a SolarEdge Upgrade cost?

The costs of a SolarEdge upgrade varies from system to system depending on a number of factors. For example, the capacity and number of solar panels installed and any scaffolding required will influence the cost.

GreenGenUK full SolarEdge upgrades begin at £2,400.

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