St Ive’s library opted for an upgrade on their energy technology and a 13 solar panel array was designed and installed.

In pursuing renewable energy solutions, repurposing existing structures for sustainable power generation has become a focal point. Our case study focuses on the adaptive transformation of a historical library in a conservation area with cutting-edge solar technology.

The components used in the installation were:

13 x JA Solar Mono Black Frame 395w

1 x SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter

13 x SolarEdge Power Optimisers

GSE In-roof

System Design

The 13 solar panel array is paired with the SolarEdge HD wave inverter and 13 power optimisers. The components were carefully positioned on the complex roof, the use of power optimisers allows the panels to optimise energy production, mitigating losses from shading on specific roof sections.

The GSE in roof array was carefully designed with the character of the building in mind, our design not only champions renewable energy but is also harmonious with the old and the new. Being incredibly versatile with roofing configuration the lightweight GSE in-roof provides a seamless installation experience, enabling users to enjoy the advantages of solar in no time.

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