In 2015, GreenGenUK were selected to undertake a 7.5kW solar PV installation at Tremough Campus for their new SERSF (Science and Engineering Research Support Facility).

A solar PV installation at Tremough Campus, Falmouth

Initial work on the SERSF building began in March 2014, but, as an initiative to ensure the building obtained a BREEAM rating of excellent – a measure of environmental sustainability – GreenGenUK were commissioned to carry out the solar PV energy component of the build.

As we do for all of our projects, GreenGen provided a number of initial quotes for the project, each with varying outputs, payback periods and system specifications . The final solar PV installation at Tremough Campus consisted of:

30 x Canadian Solar 250w Poly modules
1 x Fronius 6kW Symo 3 Phase inverter
1 x Renusol Trisole Framed Flat Roof and Ballast mounting kit
1x Elster/L&G Phase generation meter

The solar PV installation at Tremough Campus’s SERSF building is estimated to produce around 7400 kilowatt hours of energy per annum and provide a carbon dioxide saving of approximately 4.2 tonnes a year.

All GreenGen installations are eligible for green energy incentives, this system met the qualifying criteria for Feed-in Tariff payments (a government scheme that pays the customer for the renewable energy generated and any excess energy that is exported back to the grid).

Combining the savings made via the free solar energy created and the Feed-in Tariff payments, this solar PV system is expected to have a payback period of six years.

Visit Tremough Campus’ website to find out more information about their SERSF building project.