Ahead of the set reduction of the Feed-in Tariff at the beginning of January 2015, GreenGenUK were commissioned for a solar PV installation at Mylor Yacht Harbour, Cornwall.

Solar PV installation at Mylor Yacht Harbour

GreenGenUK typically provides our customers with two pitch proposals in order to ensure a system that will match the financial budgets of the client. This was the case for this project.

The client eventually chose the premium alternative that composed of German modules and Austrian inverters. Despite being the more expensive of the two options, the business owner saw through the initial expenditure to see the long-term, financial benefits this system would have.

System specifications:

·      119 x SolarWorld 250w Poly modules

·      2 x Fronius Symo 3phase inverter

·      1 x Renusol Trap roof mounting system

The solar PV installation at Mylor Yacht Harbour is anticipated to produce in excess of 26,000 kWh of green energy per annum.

Through the savings this system will make the owner on their energy bills added to the Feed-in Tariff payments, this solar PV system is expected to provide total annual savings of £6,537. These savings mean the system will take between four and five years to pay itself back.

In addition, this installation will provide Co2 saving of nearly 15 tons per annum.

To find out more information about Mylor’s Yacht Harbour, visit their website at www.mylor.com/yacht-harbour.