Solar PV arrays for your Business – commercial solar installers

Installing solar PV for your business is an excellent way to secure your business’ long-term future and protect both your business and its customers from the rising price of heating your premises.

As energy prices continue to rise due to the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels such as coal and oil as well as government legislation that forces companies to look for more sustainable ways of powering their business, turning to solar PV for your business’ energy needs has become a logical solution.

Turning to solar PV for your business allows you to generate free, renewable, solar energy that is not only good for your pockets but good for the environment.

Fossil fuel energy sources release harmful and damaging chemicals into the environment, whereas renewable energy sources, such a solar, rely completely on naturally occurring sources, the sun, to generate energy (for more about how solar energy works, visit our ‘Solar PV’ page).

In recent years, the cost of installing a solar PV system for your business has lowered significantly, making solar one of the most popular choices for companies looking to turn to renewable energy. Installing solar PV for your business is one of the most cost effective methods of generating your energy needs.

In addition to the money solar PV could save your business through savings made on your energy bills, through a government-led scheme known as the Feed-in Tariff, owners installing solar PV for the business get paid for the green energy they produce as well any excess energy they sell back to the grid.

The Feed-in Tariff is open to all businesses with a solar system that meets the set energy criteria.

Why should you choose Solar PV for your business?

There are countless benefits of installing solar PV for your business, below we have listed just a few.

• With the cost of heating and electricity bills on the rise, turning to solar PV for your business’ energy needs will reduce your bills and expenditure and protect you from further price increases.
• The price of a commercial solar PV system has decreased significantly in recent years, which has made them more affordable for smaller businesses.
• Solar PV systems have a lifetime of around 20 years and provide financial income for the entirety of that.
• A commercial solar PV system can have a payback period of between four and eight years, meaning over a decade of profitability.
• Installing a renewable energy system, such as solar PV, for your business helps to meet government criteria for sustainable business.
• Turning to a renewable energy alternative for your company’s energy needs highlights a commitment to the environment, often used as a marketing tool by modern firms.
• A solar PV system for your business can utilize vacant roof or ground space near to your premises.

Looking to Solar PV for your business – why choose GreenGenUK?

GreenGenUK are certified and experienced installers of commercial solar panels through Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and the South West. We use our knowledge of traditional plumbing, heating and electrical work along with our passion and expertise in renewable energy to develop and install the most efficient, financially beneficial systems for our customers.

Working on a project-by-project basis, we create unique, bespoke renewable solutions that meet the demands and budget of our individual customers. With premium and economy systems available, we are guaranteed to have a system for you.

We ensure that our customers get the best return on their investment and the shortest payback period, working alongside our clients and keeping them informed every step of the way.

To find out more about how GreenGenUK can help you or to book your free site survey to discuss your renewable needs, call us on 0800 093 3299 or fill out the enquiry form found below.

Are you a Farm owner?

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Returning Customer?

If you have a had a commercial solar PV system installed by GreenGenUK before, visit our Returning Commercial Solar PV Customers page to start finding out about expanding your system.