The Solar iBoost – iBoost installations in Cornwall

Add a Solar iBoost to your solar PV installation and generate free hot water from your excess solar generation.

Typically, customers benefitting from a solar PV array only consume around 50 percent of the solar energy generated by their installation, with the remaining, unused 50 percent of generation exported back the grid as per the Feed-in Tariff.

The Solar iBoost enables customers to divert their excess, unutilised solar energy to their hot water storage tank to generate free hot water.

By adding a Solar iBoost to a PV array, the user is able to increase the percentage of their generation they can consume on site, both boosting the financial and environmental benefits of their system and lowering the costs of hot water provision significantly.

How does the Solar iBoost fit with an existing Solar PV array?

The Solar iBoost unit itself is typically installed in your airing cupboard next to the immersion heater. The only other required equipment is a Sender and Clamp that’s installed at the property’s main electricity metre. The two work together wirelessly to control how the system works.

The Solar iBoost detects when solar generation is being exported to the grid and measures how much electricity is being sent through the Sender. This information is passed back to the main unit and, when the system is producing more than is being consumed, diverts the excess to the Solar iBoost to power the immersion heater. The iBoost will only divert electricity to generate hot water when domestic demand is lower than consumption – in other words, the hot water provided will be completely free and only prevents exportation of electricity.

In order to be eligible for a Solar iBoost installation, the following criteria need to be met:

– Already have or undertake the installation of a solar PV array
– Already have a hot water storage tank with an immersion heater
– Distance between the hot water storage tank and electricity metre must not exceed 30 metres

What are the benefits of adding a Solar iBoost to your solar PV array?

Due to the deemed nature of the export component of Feed-in Tariff, customers who are able to consume more of their solar generation will see the largest financial and environmental benefits from their investment.

Installation of a Solar iBoost can up self-consumption by as much as 30 percent. As such, the iBoost provides the following benefits:

Reduced hot water bills – using excess solar energy to generate hot water results in completely free hot water. As the Solar iBoost only diverts energy when supply is greater than demand, all of the hot water provided comes from energy that would have otherwise been exported for no benefit, It’s estimated that the iBoost can cover near 100 percent of hot water demand in summer months.

Reduced carbon output – replacing grid demand for hot water heating with free solar energy lessens the carbon footprint of a property. In addition, this process further reduces grid dependence and rises to bills caused by fluctuating energy prices.

Lower demand on your boiler – in addition to lowering your energy bills, replacing boiler use with solar generation will help to increase the lifespan of your boiler. Decreasing demand and workload can help to maintain boiler performance over a longer period.

Payback period – GreenGenUK estimates that adding an iBoost to your solar PV array will generate enough free hot water to pay for itself within a three year period.

Watch your savings grow

The Solar iBoost’s built in display tells the installing customer exactly what they have saved that day, this week, this month and over the lifetime of the system. Simply press the display button to see your savings.

Alternatively, the iBoost Buddy allows users to monitor their energy consumption remotely. Connecting wirelessly to the Solar iBoost, the Buddy enables the customer to see when they’re producing free hot water, the savings they’ve made and when generation exceeds on-site consumption.

Although not required as part of an iBoost installation, the Buddy can be easily included during or after an installation.

How will a Solar iBoost installation affect your Feed-in Tariff payments?

To put it simply, it won’t.

In the UK, Feed-in Tariff export payments are deemed at 50 percent and not monitored. Effectively, this means that whether a customer is exporting 100 percent of their generation, 50 percent or nothing payments will still be the same. This is why it is key for customers to consume as much of the solar energy generated as possible.

The Solar iBoost enables you to utilise a greater amount of the electricity you are producing and, at the same time, still benefit from the same rate of payment from your Feed-in Tariff provider. Win-win!

In instances where an export metre has been installed to monitor export, it might still be worth considering an iBoost or a similar device that will up consumption. The customer will need to weigh up the potential benefit to be made through energy savings against the payments they’d receive from export payments.

Enquire today to boost your PV array with a Solar iBoost

GreenGenUK has been installing the Solar iBoost in Cornwall and the South West for a number of years, providing installs for both new and existing customers. Simple and quick to install, adding this device to your array will take no longer than a morning and benefit your home for years to come.

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