Domestic Solar PV – solar installations for homeowners

Installing domestic solar PV in your home could be one of the best financial investments you’ll ever make.

One of the most popular ways to reduce your home’s energy bills and generate household income is to install a domestic solar PV array.

As explained on our ‘Solar PV‘ page, domestic solar PV for your home generates electricity by converting the sun’s light into energy. Domestic PV installations enable customers to lower their annual electricity bills. Replacing grid demand with free solar energy reduce household expenditure.

In recent years, the price of installing solar PV in your home has reduced dramatically. This is a big reason why the popularity of solar PV has boomed. Combining the cost of installing solar PV in your home decreasing and the continuous rise in the price of more traditional sources of energy, fossil-fuels such as coal, oil and gas, solar PV is an affordable renewable energy solution for the majority of homeowners and an excellent long-term investment.

The advantages of installing Solar PV in your Home

There are numerous advantages to having solar PV installed in your home and we understand that each individual will turn to renewable energy for varying reasons. Below is a list of just a few of the benefits of installing solar PV in your home.

  • Installing solar PV in your home will significantly reduce your annual energy bills by replacing expensive energy bills with free solar energy.
  • A domestic solar PV system protects your home from rising levels of inflation and rising energy bills.
  • Replacing harmful fossil fuels with green solar energy significantly reduces a home’s carbon output.
  • Installing solar PV in your home is a great way to optimise space. Unused roof space or surrounding land is ideal for solar installation.
  • Solar PV systems are a long-term renewable energy solution and require low levels of maintenance.

Battery Storage for Domestic solar PV

Battery storage is available today and it’s an excellent way to boost the financial and environmental benefits of both new and existing solar PV arrays.

Storage allows customers to harness much more of their solar generation.

Battery storage allows customers benefitting from solar PV to store energy generated during the day for consumption during the evening. Typically, grid prices are more expensive at these times. By storing solar generation in a battery system, customers are able to use nearly 100 percent of the energy they are generating and, therefore, increase the energy savings made by their array dramatically.

Find further details on battery storage how storage works and what options are available by visiting our ‘Battery Storage‘ page.


How can GreenGenUK help you when installing solar PV in your home?

Since opening in 2011, GreenGenUK has become one of the Cornwall’s leading providers of domestic solar PV solutions.

We design and install bespoke solutions that offer the most efficient, financially beneficial systems. This ensures the best possible returns on investment for our clients.

GreenGenUK anticipates that the majority of the solar PV systems we install domestically have a payback period between 7 and 9 years. Solar systems have a design life of approximately 25 years.

Offering economy and premium installations, we’re able to design and develop systems with varying outputs to meet most budgetary needs.

Domestic solar PV installations vary in their output. Space and budget are likely restraints. However, look at our example 4kW system to see how much money a GreenGenUK system could potentially save your home.

For further information on solar PV, contact us on 0800 039 3299. Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form found below.