30kW Solar PV System Example

GreenGenUK have vast experience in the installation of large-scale, commercial solar PV systems.

No two solar PV system are identical, but when commercial customers and business owners come to us asking for advice or want us to tell them how installation of solar energy will benefit them we feel the best way to guide them is to show them the benefits of a similar system.

Commercial customers will have to attain the relevant authority permissions in order to install a system with a capacity over 4kW (the highest permitted system capacity without grid approval). GreenGenUK are adept at achieving grid permissions and are able to guide and assist customers through the process.

30kW solar PV system

This 30kW solar PV system was quoted for a customer in July 2015.

System Specifications

The 30kW solar PV system proposed to the customer consists of:

120 x SolarWorld 250w poly solar panels
2 x Fronius Symo 12.5kW WLAN & 12.5kW Light inverters
1 x Renusol barn mounting system
1 x L&G/Elster three phase generation metre

The anticipated output of this 30kW solar PV system is:

– Annual output of 28,756 kilowatt hours

The expected benefits of this 30kW solar PV system are:

– Feed-in Tariff generation tariff payments of £3367 per annum
– Feed-in Tariff export tariff payments of £697 per annum (at 50% of generation)
– Electricity savings of £1869 per annum (at 50% of generation

This 30kW solar PV system is expected to provide total annual benefit of £5933.

GreenGenUK anticipate this system will pay itself back in 4.6 years.

* It is near impossible to predict with 100 percent certainty the efficiency output of solar panels due to the many variables that effect total generation. The above estimation is compliant with standard MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) procedure and are for guidance purposes only.

* Feed-in Tariff benefits are calculated on the 11.71p generation tariff and 4.85p export tariff accurate as of 30/09/2015. More information on the Feed-in Tariff can be found on our Feed-in Tariff webpage. Feed-in Tariff news can be found on the Ofgem website.

The Solar Panels

GreenGenUK quoted this customer for 120 SolarWorld 250w black panels. With experience working with a host of panels, we feel as though SolarWorld represent a blend of quality, efficiency and value, with one of the strongest warranties on the market. GreenGenUK have access to a diverse range of panels, varying in output, size and price, to meet the requirements of the most demanding installations.

Detailed info on SolarWorld solar panels can be found on our ‘SolarWorld Solar Panels‘ information page.

What can you do now?

To find ways of harnessing more than 50 percent of the solar energy your commercial solar PV system is generating or to discuss your renewable options contact GreenGenUK by filling out the enquiry form found below or calling the office on 01326 564513.

Want to see more?

GreenGenUK have a range of commercial solar PV system case studies available on our Case Studies webpage. We’ve have broken down the financial benefits and return of each system with images of the system installed.

We also have a host of smaller, domestic solar PV and renewable heat technology case studies for the benefit of interested customers.