Solar PV – experienced Solar Installers in Cornwall

With over a decade’s experience installing solar PV, GreenGen is one of the South West’s leading solar providers.

Installing solar PV is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business, as well as reducing a property’s energy bills. In addition, customers benefitting from a solar array will get paid for all the energy they generate through the Smart Export Guarantee.

Benefits of a Solar PV Install

Energy Savings

Firstly, energy generated from a solar array replaces electricity demand from the grid. As a result, this creates a significant saving on annual bills.

Depending on usage, home’s and businesses can save £1,000’s every year.

Carbon Savings

Secondly, by replacing demand from the grid with renewable solar power, solar installations dramatically reduce a home or business’ carbon footprint.

Properties benefitting from a solar array will reduce their carbon emissions by a number of tonnes each year.

Smart Export Guarantee

Finally, the Smart Export Guarantee pays customers generating solar for unused energy sent back to the grid.

For example, if a home is generating 4kWh and only able to use 2kWh their energy bills are offset as well as being paid for the 2kWh of energy they aren’t able to consume.

Read up on the Smart Export Guarantee here.

Making the most of your Solar Installation

Harnessing as much of the power generated by a solar array is the best way to maximise the benefit of a solar install. There are numerous ways to utilise more of your solar generation.

Battery Storage

Battery storage is a great way to consume more of your solar energy.

Energy ordinarily sent back to the grid charges into a bank of batteries. This energy then replaces grid demand during the evening or overnight, creating further energy savings and reducing carbon footprint.

See further details on GreenGen’s battery solutions by heading to our Battery Storage page here.

myenergi eddi Hot water Diverter

Low cost and high gain, myenergi’s eddi solar hot water demand allows excess solar energy to be diverted straight into a hot water tank.

With installations beginning at £600+VAT, read up on the eddi and how a hot water diverter can benefit you by clicking here.

EV Charging

More and more drivers are switching to electric vehicles. This plays right into the hands of homes and businesses benefitting from a solar PV installation.

Smart EV chargers harness surplus solar power to charge your EV for free. See GreenGen’s EV charging offerings on our EV Charging page.

What Happens Next?

Ready to take the next step? GreenGenUK is happy to help with anything from initial solar advice to proposals and installation. You may also find what you’re looking for on our Renewable Blog or Case Studies pages.

String inverters or optimisers? Premium solutions? In-roof or on-roof? Planning Permission? Our team of renewable experts are well versed in all things solar and can advise on what’s best for your home or business. Complete the enquiry form below or give the office a call to get the ball rolling.

Already have solar PV? GreenGen also provides servicing, repairs and upgrades to existing systems.