Solar PV – solar photovoltaic installers in Cornwall

Solar PV is not only a great way to protect your home or business from rising energy bills…

Thanks to the Feed-in Tariff, solar PV installation can provide in excess of 20 years profitable income to commercial and domestic customers.

What is solar PV?

Solar PV, or solar photovoltaic, is among the UK’s most popular renewable solutions. Energy savings and Feed-in Tariff payments combined with reduced prices make solar installations viable for the majority of homes and businesses.

GreenGenUK estimates that a typical solar installation will repay itself within 8 years.

Despite being a relatively modern concept in the UK, solar PV has been readily available to home and business owners for a number of years. However, recent drops in price have made solar more accessible. Customers making the switch to solar energy protect themselves from hikes in energy prices.

How does a Solar PV system work?

Solar PV is a renewable energy alternative that converts the energy in the sun’s rays into the electricity used to power appliances in our homes and businesses.

The main components of a solar PV array (the term for a collection of solar panels fitted in a system) are the solar panels themselves, a solar inverter, the mounting kit and the generation metre.

The photovoltaic cells in the solar panel generate current when energy in the sun’s rays hits them. This field of electricity is then inverted from the DC current it starts as into usable AC current. From here, the energy generated is distributed to energy appliances drawing power and any unused energy can be stored or sold back to the grid in accordance with the Feed-in Tariff.

It’s important to remember that solar panels generate electricity from the energy in the sun’s rays and not the warmth. As such, a solar system will generate some energy as long as the sun’s in the sky.

The Benefits of installing Solar PV

Energy savings

As fossil fuels become scarcer and energy bills are forced to go up as a result. solar PV offers a financial viable and beneficial way to generate your own electricity, protecting your home or business from rising costs both now and in the future.

By replacing demand from the grid with the free solar energy generated by a solar PV system, customers can expect to see savings on their annual electricity bills of up to 50 percent from year one.

Carbon Reduction

On average, 4kW solar PV installation reduces carbon output by approximately 1.5 tonnes each year.

Switching to solar will not only save your bank balance but helps to protect the environment you live in. Replacing generation from burning fossil fuels with clean solar energy reduces the damage caused by household energy consumption.

This is the reason why the government provides financial backing for renewables and a very important benefit of solar energy.

Why should you choose GreenGenUK for your Solar PV installation?

GreenGenUK is one of Cornwall’s and the South West’s leading solar PV providers.

Since opening in 2011 we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the consultation, design and installation of solar PV solutions varying in size from small domestic installations to large-scale commercial projects. As a result, we are able to offer impartial advice on renewable installations that focus on providing the best, most beneficial system on an individual basis.

Making the most of your Solar PV array

The amount of solar generation that homes and businesses are able to self-consume varies greatly. Because of this variation, GreenGenUK offers several highly advantageous technologies that help to increase on-site consumption and the benefit of a solar installation.

Installing one of our solar PV extras, such as battery storage, energy monitoring or a Solar iBoost, will see customers use more of their solar energy, export less to the grid and lower their annual energy bills.

Visit our ‘Solar PV Extras‘ page for further information.

Interested in solar – what happens next?

Each of GreenGenUK’s renewable projects begins with a free-of-charge, no obligation survey. The aim of this survey is to better understand the needs and wishes of our customers. In turn, we can answer any questions customers may have regarding solar or our other renewable energy alternatives.

We take all the information we need in order to draw up a detailed, accurate quote for our customers. Our quote packs provide information on the type of solar PV system we think best meet a customer’s needs. Also, we specify the components we use before breaking down the financial and environmental benefit of the system.

Due to the fast-changing nature of the solar industry, we are always happy to requote customers should their requirements change.

To book your free survey or for further information, phone the office on 01326 564513. Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form found below.

To see some example of our existing work, head over to our ‘Case Studies’ page.

Already installed Solar?

As solar PV systems get older, more and more customers are turning to renewable installers to provide servicing, maintenance and repair works.

With a large number of companies no longer in business, GreenGenUK has seen an influx in unwarranted systems needing attention. As such, we have developed a variety of service plans to help ensure the continued operation of existing solar arrays.

Have a fault with your solar system? Visit our ‘Solar PV Repairs‘ page.

Commercial and Domestic customers

We have dedicated pages for domestic and commercial solar PV. Find further information on the respective solutions at:

Solar PV for domestic customers

Solar PV for commercial customers