In an example of GreenGenUK’s versatility, we recently reinstalled a pre-existing solar PV system for a customer based near Falmouth.

A flat-roof mounted solar PV and micro inverter installation

As part of the installation, we were tasked with constructing a flat roof mount to help with the load bearing of the solar panels. The existing solar inverter also was replaced with a system of micro inverters.

The installation of micro inverters offers various benefits to customers switching to solar. The main advantages micro inverters offers over traditional, central inverters are:

Higher Performance

In traditional string inverter systems, one low-performing solar panel will reduce the overall efficiency of the system. Micro-inverters convert DC electricity into AC at each individual module which allows for optimal energy yield and allowing each panel to operate at maximum efficiency. Micro inverters reduce the impact that shading and debris will have on the output of a solar PV array.


Micro-inverter technology enables customers with trickier roofs to install an efficient solar PV array that might not be possible using string inverters. Micro inverters are one of the best ways to increase the efficiency and production of solar systems that experiences shading or covers multiple roof orientations.


The Enphase micro inverters that accompanied this solar system have in excess of 1,000,000 hours of product testing and boast the industry’s highest quality standards. Enphase micro-inverters offer a 25-year product warranty, in comparison with the 10-year warranties held by most common string inverter solutions.

Intelligent Design

Micro inverters put the power in the customer’s hands when it comes to monitoring their system and energy production. Information is relayed and can then be monitored online, showing customers the output of their system and allowing identification of potential issues earlier.


The removal of high-voltage DC current makes a system using micro inverters safer than those using traditional inverter technology.

System specifics

This reinstallation consisted of:

16 x Enphase Micro-inverters
1 x Enphase Envoy
1 x Support Frame

The installation was completed within two days.

How can GreenGenUK help you with your solar PV installation?

The GreenGen team are happy to help all customers in the South West with their solar installation, no matter how tricky it might seem. With vast experience in the design and installation of solar PV arrays, we are confident that we’ll be able to find the right solution for customers looking to go solar.

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