Solar Energy in Devon

GreenGenUK are specialised providers of solar energy in Devon.


Despite being based in Cornwall, GreenGenUK have undertaken a vast number of installations of solar energy in Devon.

Since opening in 2011, GreenGen’s reputation has grown and expanded and we are now one of the most recognised installers of renewable energy, primarily solar and biomass energies, in Devon and the whole of the South West.


What Solar Energy Technologies are available in Devon?


As certified and experienced installers of solar energy in Devon, we offer two main types of solar energy:

Solar PV (photovoltaic)

Solar Thermal

Both systems work by converting sunlight into energy, with solar PV focusing on providing electricity and solar thermal providing heating and hot water.

To find out more about the different types of solar energy GreenGen offer in Devon, click the links above.


What are the benefits of installing Solar Energy in Devon?


Solar energy in Devon, as with solar power in Cornwall and other parts of the South West, is one of the most financially rewarding varieties of renewable energy.

Situated at the South of the country, Devon generally receives warmer weather and more days of sunlight than other parts of the UK, making it a wise choice for business and home owners looks to convert to green energy.

Solar PV and solar thermal both offer numerous advantages to domestic and commercial users.

Not only will solar energy make significant savings on your heating and energy bills, but through government-led schemes known as the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Feed-in Tariff, solar energy in Devon can be a profitable, long-term investment.

Homes and businesses will receive quarterly payments for the green energy they produce. When you combine these payments with the savings made on your energy bills, solar power is a sound financial alternative to most other existing energy sources.


How do GreenGen provide Solar Energy in Devon?


Being based in Cornwall doesn’t hold GreenGen back when it comes to installing solar energy in Devon. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality systems installed in a friendly, professional and efficient manner for all of our customers.

We have renewable consultants in the Devon region who are eager to help with your renewable energy queries.

All GreenGenUK projects begin with a free, no obligation site survey where we come to your property to assess and evaluate your renewable energy needs. After this, we then provide our customers with a variety of quotes to suit their needs and budgets.

As we handle our projects on an individual basis and no two systems are identical, our systems are priced as such. However, we are confident that once you’ve met and had a discussion with one of our renewable energy team, GreenGen will be the right choice for you.

For more information on the options solar energy in Devon can open to you, contact us on 0800 093 3299, or fill out the enquiry form found below and we will be happy to help you as you make the switch to renewable energy.