Solar Energy in Cornwall

Solar energy in Cornwall has become increasingly popular.


As the relative cost of installing solar energy has decreased and the awareness of the financial and environmental benefits of solar installation have become more commonly known, solar energy in Cornwall has grown rapidly.

The main advantage of solar energy in Cornwall and throughout the South West, as opposed to other areas of the UK, comes through the ideal weather conditions Cornwall offers those looking to switch to renewable energy.

Thanks to the warm weather and sunshine the county receives, solar energy in Cornwall offers some of the largest returns on investment when compared to other varieties of renewable energy and other locations.

Based in Helston, Cornwall, since opening our doors in 2011, GreenGenUK has provided solar energy in Cornwall to countless homes and businesses throughout the area, extending through the whole of the South West.

Thanks to our local presence and familiarity with the area, we are able to offer bespoke, individual solutions to our customers, ensuring that solar energy in Cornwall benefits our clients as much as it benefits the environment.

GreenGenUK offers the two primary types of solar energy in Cornwall: solar photovoltaic (solar PV for short) and solar thermal.


Solar PV is the more common of the two types of solar energy and will typically be the variety you’ve seen popping up across an increasing number of homes near you. This type of solar energy focuses on provided electricity for your home by converting sunlight into free, renewable energy.

To read more about the advantages of having a solar PV system installed at your home visit our ‘Solar PV’ page.

Alternatively, to see how solar PV can be of use to your home (domestic) or business (commercial), visit our ‘Solar PV for Home’ or ‘Solar PV for Business’ pages.

Solar thermal is the second type of solar energy we offer here at GreenGenUK. Solar thermal energy works by using the heat from the sun’s rays to generate hot water and heating for your home or business.

To see some of the advantages of a solar thermal installation, check out our ‘Solar Thermal’ page by clicking the link.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a businesses owner, solar thermal can save you money on your heating bills. Click the links in the texts above to find out how a GreenGenUK solar thermal system can save you money.

As certified and experienced installers of solar energy in Cornwall, we are confident that we can provide a solar energy system to benefit your property and save you money. To let us answer your renewable energy questions and to book your free site survey so we can design the best system for your needs, fill out the enquiry form below or give us a call on 0800 093 3299.