Battery Storage Solutions for Solar PV

Installing a battery storage solutions enables customers benefitting from solar PV to self-consume more of the electricity generated by their PV array.

By charging excess, unused solar generation into a battery storage solution, solar customers are able to increase their solar self-consumption. At the same time, this minimises electricity demand from the grid and maximises the benefit of their solar array.

How does a Battery Storage system work?

A combination of Feed-in Tariff payments and energy savings have made solar PV a lucrative investment for a number of years. However, those able to use the energy their system generates are seeing the biggest benefit.

A solar array typical generates the most electricity when energy demand is lowest. As a result, most customers struggle to consume more than 50% of the energy generated by their array. Notably, even high users are likely to be exporting some of the time.

By installing a battery storage solution to run alongside a new or existing PV array, homes and businesses are able to store unused electricity. This energy is then used to replace grid demand throughout the evening when demand is typically higher and can’t be supplied directly from the solar system.

Customers benefiting from both a solar PV and battery installation can self-consume in excess of 99% of their generation.

The Benefits of Installing a Battery Storage Solution

+ Energy Savings

The simplest and biggest benefit of installing a battery device is a further reduction in a customer’s electricity bills. Replacing demand from the grid with free solar generation can see a home’s electricity bills slashed by £100’s every year.

+ Carbon Reduction

Upping solar consumption and reducing draw from the grid has a positive result on home or business’ carbon footprint. Lowered demand from fossil fuel-generated electricity from the grid and larger consumption of clean solar energy means less Co2 emitted.

+ Grid Charging

More and more energy providers are offering “Points of Use” charging as a means of eradicating spikes of demand on the grid. Installation of a battery solution now enables homes to charge their device off-peak and discharge during peak hours. As a result,  financial saving on electricity bills increases.

Grid charging even allows a non-solar customer to benefit from a storage installation.

+ Grid Backup

With electricity demand higher than ever, power outages have become more frequent. Battery storage installations, charged either from the grid or via solar PV, are capable of providing backup power to homes and businesses during an outage. Grid backup means greater reliability and less downtime.

Battery Storage Solutions

There is a wide range of battery solutions available on the market. Tailoring the battery to the PV array and property demand is key.

GreenGenUK selects from a wide range of products on a project-by-project basis to provide the best solutions for our customers. Below are some of the products we regularly install:

Tesla Powerwall

– Solax Storage Systems

– Pylon Tech

– LG Chem

As a Certified Installer of the above battery solutions, GreenGenUK offers installations to customers throughout the South West. Offering varying storage capacities and continuous discharge power, strong warranties and market-leading functionality, we have a battery solution for all existing and new Solar PV customers.