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Solar Angel: combining solar PV and solar thermal

An image of a Solar Angel Solar PV-T panel

Solar Angel Solar PV-T panels generate electricity and hot water in a single, simple to install solution.

Previously, customers looking to install solar PV and solar thermal systems would have been bound by the roof space available to them. Individual electricity and hot water systems could require 50 percent more space than Solar PV-T panels, meaning customers were only able to install one of the two system alternatives.

Thanks to Solar Angel’s Solar PV-T solution, customers can now provide electricity and hot water with one, highly-efficient panel that puts roof space at a premium.

How do Solar Angel PV-T panels work?

Solar Angel’s Solar PV-T panels combine all of the benefits of solar PV and solar thermal while reducing many of the negatives associated.

On hot days when solar production is highest, PV panels can reach more than 70C. At this temperature, the heating effect can reduce the output by up to 20 percent, with the dropoff increasing as the temperature goes up. Cooling the panels reverses this effect and means the PV-T panels can generate a higher amount of electricity, in addition to generating thermal energy. Solar Angel has the capability of harvesting over four times the amount of energy per square metre of collector area when compared to standard PV panels.

In addition and unlike some traditional solar thermal systems, Solar Angel has been designed not to overheat and cannot exceed more than 80C. This means that problems, such as high-pressure that can cause leaks and early failure, usually associated with solar thermal installations are avoided.

Benefits of Solar Angel Solar PV-T Installation

Solar Angel systems offer several advantages of traditional PV and thermal systems:

– Slim profile
– Space efficient
– Strong long-term reliability
– Fully MCS approved
– Qualifies for both the Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive
– Increased carbon savings per square metre
– Higher reductions in the user’s energy bills
– Light-weight and easy to install
– Roof and ground mounted alternatives
– Panels cooling increases panel life
– Competitively priced
– Manufactured in the UK
– 25-year linear performance warranty
– Product warranty of 10 years

Detailed specifications can be found on Solar Angel’s website.

Find out more

GreenGenUK is currently installing the first Solar Angel system in Cornwall and Devon. Always trying to provide customers with the most modern, forward-thinking technologies, we are happy to offer Solar Angels to all customers considering solar thermal or solar PV solutions.

Check our ‘Case Studies‘ page shortly to see Cornwall’s all-in-one first solar PV and solar thermal installation.

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