Our most recent collaboration with Wooda Farm Holiday Park in Bude, the holiday park brought us the task of designing and installing a 38 Solar panel array and Air Source Heat Pump.

Solar holiday park

Following a consultation, we created a design that fulfilled the owner’s needs. The shower block needed to be fully self-sufficient and the finished system is a real showcase of how Solar PV and an Air Scource Heat Pump complement one another.

Combining air source heating and solar PV makes for the ideal renewable system. Heat pumps run at lower temperatures over longer periods of time. This type of heating provides a friendlier living environment and avoids peaks and troughs in temperature. Heat Pumps can convert 1kW of Electrical Energy in to 3-4kW of Heat Energy so by combining your heat pump with solar PV you can maximise the FREE energy generated on the roof and reduce your overall heating running costs even further!

System Design

The black framed 32 solar panel array was integrated with a GSE In-Roof Mounting Sytem, helping reduce the aesthetic impact of the system within the slate tiled roof. Not only does the array fit the roof space perfectly but there is also a fantastic estimated payback on this project which is just over 3 years.

The Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump was coupled with an unvented hot water cylinder and connected to an underfloor heating system covering the entire floor space within the building. The combination of a heat pump with underfloor heating is a great pairing thanks to the heat pumps ability to output the low flow temperature required. Traditional heating systems, such as boilers, output hotter water temperatures which require a blending valve to reduce the temperature before it enters an underfloor heating system.

Included in the install:

38 x JA Solar 370W Mono All Black

1 x Solis 12kW 3ph

1 x GSE In-Roof

1 x Mitsubishi PUZ R32 11.2kW Ultra Quiet Air to Water Heat

1 x 200l Single Coil Unvented DHW Cylinder

Interested in renewable energy options?

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