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Smart Solar PV Installation, Mullion – 3.19kW SolarEdge PV Array

A smart solar PV installation in Mullion on a concrete tile roof,

This smart solar PV installation provides the Mullion-based homeowner with 3.19kWp of renewable solar generation

Following on from the customer’s air source heat pump installation earlier in 2018, this 3.19kW smart solar PV installation will supply a larger percentage of the customer’s domestic electricity usage, in addition to offsetting some of the home’s heating and hot water bills.

The customer was eager to get the system installed before the Feed-in Tariff expires in March 2019. By coming away from oil and opting for a combination of air source heating and solar PV, the customer has minimised their energy expenditure and carbon footprint.


This 3.19kW Solar PV Installation


This smart solar PV installation consists of the following:

– 11 x 290W Trina Solar PV panels

– 1 x SolarEgde 3kW smart solar inverter

– 1 x Solar iBoost

Due to the nature of the roof space and the mixture of orientations available, the decision to install a smart optimised array was a no-brainer. The SolarEdge inverter installed not only allows the system to be split across three orientations but also reduces the impact of shading on the system. As a result, the overall solar yield is maximised. Furthermore, the customer now benefits from a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty and advanced online monitoring.

Next up, the Solar iBoost hot water diverter allows the home’s hot water to be heated via excess solar generation. Ordinarily, solar energy that can’t be self-consumed is exported to the grid. With the current Feed-in Tariff scheme there is no further benefit to exportation. Through the installation of the iBoost, unused electricity is now diverted to run the immersion within the customer’s hot water tank. This reduces heating bills, increases the system’s benefit and lowers the workload of their air source heat pump.

Part of a smart solar PV installation in Mullion - black solar panels on a concrete roof.


Benefits of this Solar Installation


By installing a GreenGenUK solar system, the Mullion home will see each of the following benefits:

+ £200+ in annual Feed-in Tariff payments for the next 20 years

+ £350 yearly saving on electricity

+ 1.36-tonne reduction in carbon output + A total lifetime financial benefit in excess of £11,000


How could a Solar PV Installation benefit your home?


With the Feed-in Tariff scheme set to be withdrawn in early 2019, now is the best time for anyone considering a solar installation or looking to lower their annual energy bills to undertake an installation. Contact GreenGen today to discuss how a solar install could work for you and to book your free, no obligation survey.

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