Solar PV repairs in Cornwall

Have you noticed your solar PV installation underperforming or maybe you’ve noticed a decrease in the energy production from your system? Perhaps your system has broken down and is in need of repair?

Either way, GreenGenUK can help.

We have been responsible for a large number of solar PV repairs in Cornwall and throughout the South West in recent years. With a number of large installers now out of business, GreenGenUK has seen an ever-increasing number of customers enquiring with us about how we can help fix their underperforming solar array and return your generation and financial returns to the levels you’re expecting.

How can GreenGenUK help with your solar PV repairs?

GreenGenUK has been installing solar PV solutions since we opened back in 2011.

During this time, we have worked with a wide range of solar manufacturers and have become familiar with almost all types of solar installation commonly seen throughout Cornwall. Thanks to our familiarity with a large number of different solar components and our background experience in electrical work, GreenGenUK is ideally positioned to handle all solar PV breakdowns and repairs in Cornwall and, with a large team of technicians working throughout the county, we can usually respond quickly to minimalise your losses.

Are we qualified for the job?

GreenGenUK is a fully MCS, RECC and NICEIC approved contractor.

As such, our customer our guaranteed that our workmanship and service all complies with industry leading guidelines and standards.

How does a GreenGenUK solar PV repair work?

Here at GreenGenUK, we understand that solar PV, for most customers, is an investment. As a result, any money spent on breakdown repairs of an installation eats into the financial return of your system. With this in mind, we strive to have systems back up and running with as little costs to the customer as possible. However, we won’t sacrifice the quality of our work to save a quick quid.

We want our first repair to be the right repair and the safe repair. This is why our repairs work in the following way:

We send our technicians to your site to generate a diagnosis of what’s causing the fault. This usually takes approximately an hour. If the problem is something that can be rectified there and then within the hour we will do so for no extra charge; this is commonly the case with smaller electrical faults.

If the issue requires significant extra labour or the replacement of parts, our installer will come away from your site and feed this information back to our in-house technical team who will then draw up an exact proposal for the works we feel are required to bring the system back up to full functionality. Our proposal breaks down the exact work, parts and costs associated with the solar repairs to the customer and it is then up to you, as the customer, to decide whether you wish to proceed with the repair work. If the answer is yes and the works are to be carried out, we will order the relevant replacement parts and arrange a convenient time to undertake the solar repairs.

In need of solar PV repairs in Cornwall?

Is your solar system not meeting your expectations or are you in need of solar repairs? Acquiring the assistance of one of GreenGenUK’s experience renewable technicians will help guarantee the maximum financial return from your system.

Although we work to a tight schedule, we aim to have a technician on site to generate an initial diagnosis within 5-10 working days, but we often make it out to our customers sooner.

So, whether you’re a GreenGenUK customer or your installation was provided from elsewhere, report your fault and have GreenGenUK look at rectifying the problem by contact us today.

Either phone us in the office on 0800 093 3299


Fill out the enquiry form found at the bottom of this page and have one of our technicians contact you.