Renewable Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance

GreenGenUK offers a range of renewable servicing and repair packages on a variety of a wide variety of renewable technologies to customers throughout Cornwall and the South West.

Continued maintenance and servicing of a renewable installation are the best way to ensure optimum efficiency, maximum output and the highest returns on investment. In addition, renewable servicing validates warranties and incentive payments.

Renewable Servicing

Whether you’re looking for a one-off service or a full annual package, GreenGen’s Servicing and Repairs has an option for you.

We provide servicing options on all the following renewable installations:

Heat pumps

Solar Thermal

Solar PV

One-off renewable servicing

A one-off service is a single, annual checkup of your system. Similar to a car service, the annual service will validate certain warranty requirements and ensure that your system is in top working order. We provide the labour and any servicing materials needed to carry out the checks. Pricing for one-off services vary depending on the type of renewable system requiring the service, the location and whether or not we installed the system.

Annual renewable servicing packages

Our best selling packages are the annual servicing packages. This package includes a full service (as above) and ongoing system maintenance. GreenGenUK cover your system for a calendar year. The level of cover depends on the exact package selected but will include getting a technician on-site when there is a fault and complete or part cover of the cost of any repairs.

Renewable Repair

GreenGen offers call-out and repair services throughout Cornwall on the following renewable technologies:

Solar photovoltaic

– Solar thermal

– Heat pumps

Our experience of installing, diagnosing and repairing all of the above types of installation means we are well equipped to provide prompt and precise renewable repairs. Our highly skilled team of renewable technicians come from plumbing and electrical backgrounds, ensuring that any faults can be diagnosed and repaired and your system is back up to full functionality as quickly as possible.

The price and timescale of any such renewable repair are completely bespoke and will alter based on the system requiring maintenance, geographical location, the fault diagnosed and our own operating response times. Our typical procedure for renewable repairs is as follows:

Step 1 – the customer phones in and speaks to one of GreenGen’s renewable consultants regarding their issue. The customer will be given an estimated call-out charge and an estimated schedule slot.

Step 2 – if the customer is happy to go ahead, the date will be confirmed and the schedule slot allocated. We then discuss the issue with the relevant technician prior to the appointment.

Step 3 – our technician visits the customer to fully diagnose the fault and. The fault will be repaired there and then, when possible. If not, we ensure the system is safe and provide the customer with pricing for further works.

Step 4 – If the customer accepts our no obligation proposal, we order the required parts and, upon their arrival, return to site to complete the repair. The time taken for parts to be delivered may vary.

Find out more about GreenGen renewable servicing and repair packages…

Whether you have had your system installed by GreenGenUK or elsewhere, we would be happy to offer you one of our servicing and repair packages.

Contacting us directly is the best way to move forward with your service or repair.

Contact us by

Phoning us in the office on 01326 564513 to discuss your options and requirements with one of our renewable consultants directly. We will be able to offer your indicative pricing and timescales.


Filling out the enquiry form found at the bottom of this page with your query and contact details and having one of our renewable consultants contact you once we’ve had time to assess the works required.