Heat Loss Calculations

Undertaking a heat loss calculation enables customer to maximise the return they make on any renewable heating or energy efficiency improvements made on their home or business.

To maximise the effectiveness of a renewable heating installation, or any domestic and commercial energy efficiency improvements, and increase the financial and environmental benefits an installation might have, it is of key importance that a heat loss calculation is first undertaken.

Understanding how a property loses and uses heat allows more accurate and beneficial suggestions on how to improve the energy efficiency of a property and the best renewable energy solutions to be proposed. Increased understanding of the problem ensures the suggestions and recommendations GreenGenUK make are the most relevant.

Why undertaking a heat loss calculation is of benefit to our customers?

There are numerous benefits of undertaking a heat loss calculation on a property, below are some of the main advantages:

– Not all prospective solutions are suited to all projects. Carrying out a heat loss calculation guarantees that the knowledge required to make an informed decision on their home or business improvements is given to the customer.

– In such a technical field, undertaking a heat loss calculation will allow the customer to increase their understanding of how they can best use and produce heat for their property. Attaining this information will benefit the customer in their decision-making process right through to operating any potential renewable installations after installation.

– Despite being primarily focused around renewable heating technologies, heat loss calculations also empowers the customer with the knowledge of the most energy inefficient areas of their home. This information means that customers can decide where they wish to improve and when, as well as seeing where their money would be best invested.

– Detailed proposals, as well as recommendations to the customer means that the information coming from the results of a heat loss calculation can guide each individual customer towards the solutions they should look to push forward with, thus speeding up the process and focusing attention where it needs to be.

– GreenGenUK is able to perform heat loss calculations for retrofitted solutions, renovation projects and new builds. Heat loss calculations can be carried out from architectural plans. By doing so, a heat loss calculation can be incorporated into a project at the planning and development stage. This ensures seamless integration of renewable technologies into the build and means systems can be designed and specified in the plans. Furthermore, including a renewable solution at the planning stage will help with SAP ratings and attaining the relevant permissions.

How can GreenGenUK help?

GreenGenUK offers heat loss calculations as a stand-alone service or as part of a service to recommend and install potential renewable heating solutions.

As such, GreenGenUK can guide both domestic and commercial customers from consultation to project completion, using only one company for each stage of the process to reduce issues with project management and ensure a high-quality installation process.

To find out more information and have GreenGenUK begin work on your heat loss calculations, get in touch via the ways listed below:

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