Design and Specification

With over five year’s experience in designing and specifying renewable solutions, GreenGenUK’s consultancy service is perfectly positioned to guide customers with their renewable projects in the ever changing renewable industry.

GreenGenUK is capable of taking customers passed initial consultation and recommendations and proposing specific system specifications, including components, materials, design and layout.

How can GreenGenUK help specify and design your system?

GreenGenUK can help with the design and specification of renewable solutions in the following ways:

1. Direct proposals

Thanks to GreenGenUK’s experience and background in the installation of renewable alternatives, we are able to accurately specify compatible systems to be supplied and installed entirely by GreenGenUK.

We specify the preferred renewable solution and then go on to design and specify the components, materials, system layout and the labour needed to carry out the project. In addition, GreenGenUK will specift the exact costs of undertaking the works.

2. Indirect proposals

In this instance, GreenGenUK will design and specify the most compatible renewable solutions, including the specific components, materials and labour needed to complete the installation, which customers can then take to installers and sub-contractors to price the works required. We also have the capability to specify what qualifications and qualifying criteria the installers will need.

Proposal review

If you’ve received proposals from other companies prior to seeking out GreenGenUK’s consultancy services, we are able to review the existing proposals and ensure our customers select the proposal that best fits their needs, requirements and budget. At this point, we will also be able to amend the quotes you’ve received to better reflect the solutions we think would suit your project.

Our customer’s understanding of the solutions they’re opting for varies from project to project, but GreenGenUK’s experience with a host of renewable technologies means we can offer invaluable advice on which installation is right for you. By instructing us to consult on the proposals you’ve received, you can ensure that you will end up with the right system for your specific project, not a generalised solution or an alternative that isn’t right for the demands of your property.

Design and Specification for Commercial Renewable Energy Projects

GreenGenUK has been working in and around commercial-scale renewable projects for a number of years. In commercial projects where the scale of the investments put into installations is much larger, the smallest changes in design and specification can make a massive difference, both financially and environmentally, over the lifetime of the system. Getting things right in the pre-installation stage will have a massive impact on the overall returns made by switching to a renewable alternative.

Instructing us to consult on your commercial renewables project will help with key decision making and ensuring maximum return on an investment. We will provide detailed information on the impact things like layout and components will have on the total benefit of a system, providing accurate and realistic estimates on financial returns.

What to do next

Would you like to instruct GreenGenUK to consult and evaluate on your project? Then contact us via the methods listed below for further information or to kick on and get your renewable installation underway:

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