An 8.5kW air source heat pump installation in Helston, Cornwall, one of GreenGen’s latest renewable heating installs.

8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump installation in Helston, Cornwall.

The customer, situated in South-west Cornwall, was undertaking a large refurbishment of their rural, countryside home and part of the project was to upgrade and modernise their heating system. Initially enquiring about the suitability of ground source heat pumps, an air source solution was proposed. Air source offered the customer similar benefit but with less disruption.

This Mitsubishi Air Source Heating System

The air source system installed cover 100% of the property’s space heating and hot water demand. There is no need for any backup.

The installation comprised of:

– an 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump
– a 210l unvented hot water cylinder
– bespoke underfloor heating and flooring installation on the ground floor
– radiator system installed on the first floor

Benefits of the Air Source Heat pump installation

Replacing their existing night stores with an air source heat pump provides the Helston-based customer with numerous benefits.

The Renewable Heat Incentive – in order to reduce the UK’s carbon output, renewable heating is subsidised. Our Helston-based customer will earn £1270 in annual RHI payment in the first year. This figure will increase with inflation.

Read more about the Renewable Heat Incentive here.

Energy Savings – by replacing their expensive-to-run night storage heaters with an energy friendly heat pump sees the property’s energy bills reduced by £550 a year.

Carbon Reduction – swapping heat demand from night storage heaters to an energy-friendly heat pump will see a carbon reduction of 5.3 tonnes each year.

Find further information on the benefits of air source heating here.

7-year benefit of this Air Source installation

Renewable heating is eligible for RHI subsidy for seven years. During this 7-year period, the customer will see the following benefits:

– Total RHI payments amounting £9,400

– £5,000 saving on fuel compared to their night storage heaters

– a 37-tonne reduction in carbon output

As a result of the RHI payments and energy savings from this air source installation, this system provides a return on investment inside five years.