If you are thinking of having a Green Energy installed on your home you will have found a high number of installers around you and probably have no way of telling one from another.

Renewable energy Advice in cornwall

A very useful tool to help decide would be to use the YouGen website. Set up by someone in exactly the same posistion as you, YouGen has reviews and feedback from the customers of the installers featured. Feedback from customers is very important to us at ARC and we would imagine just as important to the other installation companies around.

We would always suggest you getting a minimum of 2 if not 3 quotes. This is so you can ensure you are getting the best deal (hopefully with GreenGenUK) you possibly can.

Remember its not just about the cost, here are some example questions for you to use during a survey for any renewable technolgy:

  • Is the company MCS Approved? You can find out by checking out the MCS website?
  • If the company uses any installing partners, do they carry the correct approved status? (Remember, GreenGenUK does not use installing partners, all the work is carried out by employees direct to GreenGenUK. This way we can ensure we know exactly what each employee is capable of)
  • Can the company carry out all the electrical work and issue a certificate?
  • What products to they use and are they MCS approved? You can find out by checking out the MCS website?
  • Where would they suggest installing the associated equipment? (controls, inverters, water tanks etc)
  • What warrany will the company give you, not the equipment warranty but the workmanship warranty?
  • Will your quote include the SAP result which determines what payback you can expect?
  • Are there any local installations you could go and look at, maybe even contact the previous customer?

Once you have receievd your quotation, which we would hope would not be at the same time as your survey takes place, you can take a few minutes to compare the quotations. Are they like for like? Who’s using the better quality equipment? Are you getting exactly what YOU have asked for, Maximum return on investment or saving on existing bills?


You don’t need us to tell you that soon enough the renewable industry will be full of companies looking to make a quick profit and then leave again. But ask yourself this, how many of those companies can back up the survey and quotation process, with high quality installations, satisfied customers and even help maintain the installed technology to achieve maximum performance at all times…… This is something that GreenGenUK prides itself on, whether your a Private Individual, a Company or an Association.
You can rest assured the service on offer from GreenGenUK will be second to none.