A 16 6.24kW solar PV panels array, air source heat pump and battery storage full renewable installation in Porthleven.

Following an initial consultation, GreenGenUK was tasked to design another sustainable energy solution, our recent collaboration with the homeowner integrated a comprehensive solar, air source heat pump and battery storage system. This case study delves into the seamless integration of these renewable technologies, showcasing not only the environmental benefits but also the economic advantages.

The installation included:

16 x 390w JA Solar black framed panels

1 x 3.6kW GivEnergy hybrid inverter

1 x 9.5Wh GivEnergy solar battery

Schletter concrete tile mounting system

1 x Mitsubishi PUZ R32 5kW Compact Air to Water Heat Pump

1 x 210l Horizontal Unvented DHW Cylinder

System Design

After discussion, the 16 solar panel array was strategically positioned on the east-to-west facing roof to harness maximum sunlight throughout the day, converting it into clean electricity to power the residence. Complementing this, the air source heat pump efficiently taps into the ambient heat from the air, providing both heating and hot water needs. To optimise energy utilisation a state-of-the-art hybrid battery storage system has been installed, allowing excess energy generated during peak sunlight hours to be stored for later use. This system design not only ensures a reliable and renewable energy supply but also contributes to a reduced carbon footprint, a showcase to environmentally conscious living.

The Givenergy hybrid battery storage unit uses the same inverter as the solar panel array, being able to use the same battery not only optimises the current converted energy but also allows you to add to the storage system over time making it a future-proof option. With fewer components on installation, this hybrid battery is cost-effective and space-saving.

In this inclusive installation, we also have the Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump, this amazing technology increases your comfort of living, lowers your carbon footprint, reduces your heating bills and this homeowner is already experiencing these benefits with her most recent energy statement!

Interested in sustainable energy options?

This case study serves as a testament to the benefits of investing in renewable energy, paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future. With the Boiler Upgrade Scheme also available, making the shift towards sustainable energy alternatives has never been easier.

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