One of our most recent installs included a Hybrid Solar PV and Battery storage at a residential property, the 6.56kW array complimented with battery storage enhances reliability, efficiency and above all lowers energy bills!

In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, Solar PV has emerged pivotal to reduce carbon emissions also secure energy independence. Combined with battery storage, meticulous planning from our team and innovative technology. Let’s explore the benefits of Hybrid Solar PV and Battery Storage for homes.

Hybrid System Design

Following a consultation with our experts, the homeowners decided that a 16-panel array with a GivEnergy battery was perfect for them. The objective of the installation was to improve the energy efficiency in the home, reduce National Grid dependency and carbon footprint, while thriving on the benefits of reduced energy bills!

The installation included:

16 x JA Solar Mono Black Frame 410w

1 x GivEnergy 5kWh Hybrid Inverter

Mounting Schletter/Renusol Mounting System

Single Phase Generation Meter

1 x GivEnergy 8.2kWh Battery

Homeowner’s feedback

“Overall, I’ve had a very positive experience with GreenGenUK as a company.  I found the installation process smooth and the engineers very polite and helpful. GreenGenUK also came in first place for cost!

I just wanted to personally thank Jordan and Dan for going above and beyond to ensure everything was installed correctly and working as it should. They were always polite and respectful of our property.

Thanks again to everyone involved. I’d happily recommend GreenGenUK to anyone looking for a similar service.”

Want to see the renewable solutions available for your property?

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