Report a heating fault/breakdown

Heating Fault

Heating fault data collection form.

  • Enter your full name.
  • Enter the first line of your address and postcode, as a minimum.
  • Enter your preferred contact number.
  • Please input your preferred email contact.
  • Please tell us the make and model of your heating system as this will help us more accurately diagnose the issue.
  • If yes and you know it, include your GreenGenUK reference number.
  • Approximately when was your system installed?
  • If yes, please make us aware as early as possible.
  • If a fault is present, a code will appear on your heat pump’s controller. Please make a note of this and let us know as it’s a good indication as to what the error is.
  • One of the most common issues is caused by a loss of communication which can be refreshed by resetting the unit. We can talk you through this.
  • A photo of the controller will allow GreenGenUK to diagnose any obvious faults.
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 8 MB.
    • If a fuse has tripped, the controller may need to be reset – this can often resolve the problem.
    • Loss of pressure causes a lot of issues with heating systems. Find your pressure gauge, usually sited with your cylinder – it’s the gauge with the small white dial and red and black needle. If the reading is below 1-Bar, the pressure will need to be topped up. GreenGenUK can talk you through this.
    • Even bleeding a radiator or shutting your water off can cause an issue and it’s important for us to know this to accurately diagnose the fault.