Living Benefits of a Heat Pump Installation

As well as the numerous financial and environmental benefits that switching to a heat pump offers customers, there is also various other living benefits of a heat pump installation.

Heat pumps will enhance the living comfort of the property in which they are installed and the usability and live-in-ability of the customer’s home or business.

Friendlier Living Environment

Heat pumps emit lower levels of heat over longer periods of time. This not only reduces the running costs of the system, but it also improves the living temperature of the building in which it’s installed.

By emitting heat continuously, the ambient temperature of the property is kept constant. This effectively means that a property will never be too cold or in need of sudden heat – the internal temperature should always be at the level desired by the customer. Whether returning home after work in the evening or going to work in the morning, the temperature of the building should be at the required level.

This continuous heating process also offers other benefits to the customer. For example, the risk of damp occurring within a property is reduced.

Heat pumps in new and older buildings

One of the most common comments we hear when discussing heat pumps with customers is their suitability in newer properties and older properties.

The benefits of a heat pump solution can be felt in properties of any age, provided they are designed and installed correctly.

It is the duty of the installing company to undertake a complete analysis of the property in order to calculate how much heat the individual property both loses and demands. Yes, this figure is likely to be higher in older buildings than in modern constructions and this can reflect in the size of the heat pump unit required, but there is a heat pump solution that will feed the need of any property.

Removal of the need for Fuel Deliveries

Unlike other renewable and non-renewable heating alternatives, such as oil and biomass, heat pumps require no fuel deliveries, stocking or filling. Energy is generated automatically from heat stored within the air or the ground surrounding a property which removes the requirement for, what can be, laborious and problematic deliveries.

This is of particular benefit of a heat pump system for elder customers, those with mobility issues, rental properties and second homes where the property could be vacant for long periods of time. Administration, or so to speak, of the system is also reduced.

Self-controlled, smart technology allows for simple operation

As the removal of the need for fuel deliveries is reduced, as is the need to self-control the heating systems. To the end user, this is one of the biggest benefits of a heat pump installation

Heat pumps are smart technologies that are able to control heat and hot water requirement automatically, based on a variety of different heating modes and instructions given to the unit at installation. From here, the system then uses integrated technology in order to learn the climate and environment it’s in and provide the most cost-effective heat and various times throughout the year.

From the customer’s point of view, this removes one think they have to worry about throughout the day. The possibility of returning home to a freezing cold house or to no hot water is eliminated and living comfort is increased.

Furthermore, with modern, digital controls on all heat pump systems, homes and businesses are able to monitor the performance of their system remotely and gain a better understanding of what their heat pump system is doing and when.

Peace of mind when installing a Heat Pump

When making a large investment, like you are when installing a new heating system, you want protection.

Heat pump system, generally, come with longer warranty periods that their traditional alternatives. Typical manufacturer warranty on a heat pump system ranges between three and seven years.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, heat pumps installed by GreenGenUK are also subject to a seven-year workmanship warranty on our labour. So, basically, if there’s any defects with an installation causes by our workmanship you are covered for seven years.

Heat pump systems are designed to last for in excess of 20 years. A well-designed system that is operating at optimum efficiency should last much longer than this.

Heat Pump Case Studies

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