Heat Pumps for Off Gas Customers

Heat pumps for off gas customers are the answer to gas boilers that they’ve long been looking for.

More cost-effective to run and friendlier to the environment than traditional oil, LPG and direct electric solutions, air and ground source heat pumps are the ideal heating solution for customers without the benefit of a mains gas connection.

The benefits of Heat Pumps for Off Gas Customers

There are several key benefits to home and business owners in off gas areas considering switching to a heat pump alternative.

Reduced running costs

Traditionally, gas systems have offered customers the cheapest running costs over the years. However, in the absence of a gas connection, home and business owners have been forced to generate heat through more expensive, inefficient means, such as oil or LPG. By switching to a heat pump or installing a heat pump system in a new build, customers in off gas regions can lower their running costs significantly.

Capable of outputting between three and five times the energy they require to run, depending on the system installed, a heat pumps installation can reduce annual heating bills by as much as 60 percent when compared to non-gas systems.

Friendlier to the environment

By replacing a large percentage of a home or business’ heating demand from fossil fuels with free, clean energy harvested from the air or ground, the carbon output of off gas properties will be significantly reduced.

Replacing oil or direct electric as the sole, primary heat supply, off gas customers can reduce their carbon footprint by a minimum if two tonnes per annum by installing a heat pump.

Practical Implications

Replacing existing heat demand with free, clean heat from an air or ground source heat pump will also minimalise the user input required for their heating system and can even provide the customer with extra space in their garden.

As heat pumps generate 100 percent of space heating and hot water demand by attaining and upgrading heat stored within the air or ground, the requirement for fuel deliveries is eliminated.

Furthermore, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps require just a single internal or external unit and no fuel store, less external space is required which can open up space elsewhere. Even the singular air source unit which must be situated externally only requires minimal surrounding space and can be installed discreetly to reduce space consumption.

Living in an Off Gas area and considering replacing, upgrading or installing a Heat Pump?

The best way to assess whether a heat pump solution is the right alternative for you is to see the facts and figures.

GreenGenUK offers free surveys and proposals to all customer throughout Cornwall and the south west.

Following a full site survey, we are then able to undertake a detailed heat loss calculation on the property – this is an assessment of the property’s head demand and heat loss. This figure then allows us to specify a correctly sized heat pump solution along with all the facts and figures required to make a justified decision.

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