Have you had a GreenGenUK commercial solar PV installation?

Are you interested in finding out the potential of extending your commercial solar PV system?

After receiving numerous enquiries from existing commercial customers, GreenGenUK now offer free proposals to all existing customers to highlight the exact benefits of extending their solar PV system.

Why should you expand your commercial solar PV system?

We hope that, by now, you’ve seen first-hand the positive impact solar PV can have on the day-to-day costs of powering your business. Increasing the kilowatt output of your current system will only further the financial advantages solar PV offers.

Increased Energy Usage
Increasing the output of your commercial solar PV system is an easy choice for users that consume near 100 percent of the energy their current system produces.

Organisations that have high energy demand, especially during the day, can expect to see the highest return from expanding their current PV array. Utilising all of your system’s capacity ensures that customers make the most of the way the Feed-in Tariff works while supplying energy demand, further reducing demand for the grid and furthering potential savings.

The Feed-in Tariff
Enhancements to your commercial solar PV system will be eligible for Feed-in Tariff payments.

Hopefully by now you are familiar with the Feed-in Tariff and how it functions. If you’ve forgotten, head over to our Feed-in Tariff page to jog your memory.

If you do opt to have GreenGenUK design a proposal for your business, we will include the payments you will receive and their effect on the payback period of your potential installation.

In addition, it’s worth noting that digressions in Feed-in Tariff payments occur every three months and larger-scale, commercial systems are often the hardest hit. Although we’d never advise customers to rush into making their decision, if increasing the size of your system is your desire GreenGenUK can help ensure beating the digression deadlines.

What will we do now?

Working with existing customers has its advantages for both parties. More often than not we are able to provide our clients with a quotation price without the need to survey their premises. If you decide that expanding your commercial solar PV system is the right decision for your business, fill out the enquiry form found at the bottom of the page or give us a call in the office, on 01326 564513, to discuss your renewable energy requirements. We can then begin drawing up your proposal and get it out for you to take a look at as soon as possible.