As of the turn of 2016, GreenGenUK will be offering renewable consultancy services to domestic and commercial customers in the South West.

GreenGenUK will be offering renewable consultancy services from 2016

Having built up a near-unrivalled reputation for renewable knowledge and expertise in the South West, GreenGenUK will now be using their knowledge to provide a range of consultancy services to customers throughout Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

GreenGen is offering the following renewable consultancy services from the beginning of 2016:

Heat Loss Calculations – not just for renewables, the basis of any heating installation should begin with a heat loss calculation. Undertaking these calculations enables us to see how much heat is lost from a property and the heat demand of the property. This enables recommendations for heating systems to be designed to be specified.

Specification and Design – not all properties are suited to all renewable technologies. It will be our job as your renewable consultant to propose and put forward only the most well-suited and financially viable solutions based upon our assessment criteria.

Energy Monitoring – understanding how and when you are using energy better puts the customer, and ourselves, in a better position to suggest and enforce energy saving measures, be it a renewable installation or changes in energy consumption patterns.

SAP Assessments – renewable components are becoming an increasingly common when a building is being planned and SAP assessments are concerned. By beating the Standard Assessment Procedure for energy consumption and carbon output, a renewable installation invariably increasing a property’s SAP score. Now qualified to undertake SAP assessments in-house, GreenGen can carry a renewable project right the way through or undertake calculations on completed projects.

Energy Performance Certificates – an Energy Performance Certificate is required whenever a domestic or commercial property is being sold, rented or built. An accurate EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is also required when applying for renewable subsidies, such as the Feed-in Tariff or Renewable Heat Incentive. An EPC is a rating of a domestic or commercial property’s energ effficiency, running costs and carbon output. Understanding what this certificate means enables us to press forward with enetgy saving suggestions.

Renewable Servicing and Repairs – going beyond emergency callouts and system repairs, GreenGen offer ongoing maintenaince packages that ensure your renewable installation operates at as near to 100 percent efficiency as possible all year round. Protecting your investment and ensuring highest returns makes sense, doesn’t it?

Why does it make sense for GreenGenUK to diversify into renewable consultancy?

Being lucky enough to work within, grow within and survive within the hyper-competitive renewables industry for five years now, we have seen the same scenarios cropping up time after time. And we want to help.

We want to help new build customers meet the requirements to pass their SAP assessment. We want to help when a customer comes to us with their plans for a new build and need to know how and which renewable system will cater for their space heating. We want to help when We want to help when customers need the renewable component of their new build designed and specified. We want to help when retrofit customers need their home made more carbon efficient. We want to help customers guarantee their renewable installations are operating as financially and environmentally efficiently as possible.

Visit our ‘Renewable Consultancy Services‘ page for more information.