GreenGenUK to throw in free Solar iBoost and Energy Monitor with solar PV and battery storage installations during the month of March.

The Solar iBoost hot water diverter

The package, that would usually fetch in excess of £400 when sold separately, enables customers to monitor their solar PV array and boost their self-consumption by diverting excess, unused solar generation into their hot water tank. Both devices included in this offer help customers to better understand their installations and boost the financial and environmental benefits of their installation.

Solar iBoost

The Solar iBoost enhances a solar PV array by enabling solar generation to be diverted to the customer’s hot water tank to provide hot water. Any excess electricity that would usually be exported to the grid is diverted to the hot water tank to generate, in effect, free hot water. Replacing grid demand for hot water with the free solar generation a customer already has will make further, significant savings on annual heating bills. GreenGenUK estimates that a Solar iBoost can cater for nearly 100 percent of hot water demand during the warmer, summer months and acts as a ‘top up’ during winter.

Customers will be required to have an existing hot water tank in order to install an iBoost. For customers who do not meet this requirement, we can find an alternate offering.

Energy Monitoring

Adding an energy monitoring device to a solar PV array allows customers to see the performance of their solar array from the comfort of their living room.

An energy monitoring device allows the user to see exactly how much electricity their system is generating at any one time. This information helps to ensure that appliances are being run at the points of highest generation to guarantee customers are making the most of their generated electricity and receiving the largest financial saving from their installation.

Interested in installing Solar PV or Battery storage in the near future?

This offer is perfect for anybody considering switching to solar PV or battery storage in and looking to enhance the benefit and return of their installation.

But hurry, offer only available to customers until 31/03/2016.

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