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Feed-in Tariff cut not end of the World for Homeowners

Piggy-bank highlighting the saving still to be made after the Feed-in Tariff cuts

A Feed-in Tariff cut is to be expected come July. But don’t panic, the planned Feed-in Tariff cuts won’t break the back for homeowners looking to invest in solar energy.


According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s figures (DECC) released earlier this week, solar installation of systems under 10kW amounted to in excess of 103MWp. In keeping with previous growth and the resulting Feed-in Tariff cuts, the continued demand and growth of solar installations is likely to lead to another 3.5 percent Feed-in Tariff cut.


The majority of domestic solar systems rank-in somewhere around the 4kW region, meaning that you, as the homeowner, are the ones that could be effected come July 1st when these changes take place.


But fear not, homeowners.


The proposed Feed-in Tariff cuts are likely to cost homeowners installing a 4kW solar system around £20 a year. When you consider the savings having a solar PV system installed in your home will save on your energy bills in addition to the payments the Feed-in Tariff will pay you for the renewable energy you produce, solar energy is still a very lucrative and rewarding long-term investment for your home.


GreenGenUK’s advice for those looking to turn to a renewable energy solution, in particular solar, would be to not panic.


If you were thinking of installing solar panels in your home and are aware of the probable Feed-in Tariff cuts, you should also know that a 3.5 percent digression won’t make a massive difference to your overall savings and income from the system.


If you are a homeowner in Cornwall or the South West looking to turn to solar power and want to beat the July reduction, or if you would just like to find out more about what the Feed-in Tariff cuts could mean to you, don’t hesitate to contact is here at GreenGen.


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