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EV Charger Manufacturers

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Trusted EV Charger Brands

At GreenGenUK, we offer a wide selection of EV chargers from renowned brands like Myenergi, GivEnergy, Ohme, and Rolec, catering to diverse customer requirements. As certified installers for these brands, we ensure seamless installation and reliable performance. Additionally, all our EV chargers come with a 3-year warranty, providing our customers with peace of mind and confidence in their investment.

Myenergi Zappi

The Myenergi Zappi charger offers seamless integration with solar PV as its primary advantage. Its intelligent modes optimise electricity usage, ensuring cost-effective charging for your electric vehicle (EV) while keeping the battery fully charged.

Even without a solar PV system, the Zappi charger operates as a standard charging point, drawing power directly from the grid. This versatility guarantees efficient and reliable EV charging regardless of your current setup.

Myenergi Website


The GivEnergy EV charger offers effortless integration with the grid, renewable energy sources and battery storage, enabling you to tailor charging to suit your daily needs. Flexible to your unique setup, it can draw power from your preferred source according to your specified schedule.

Whether your setup is fully renewable with a storage battery, grid-dependent, or somewhere in between, the GivEnergy EV charger streamlines the transition to electric vehicles. All managed effortlessly through a user-friendly app interface, giving you complete control at your fingertips.

GivEnergy Website


The Ohme Home Charger harbors advanced charging technology within. Through synchronization with the Ohme app and configuration of your electricity tariff, this charger intelligently monitors price changes, identifying the most economical rates. This capability allows it to commence and cease charging sessions automatically, refining your EV charging schedule and ultimately reducing your car charging costs.

Ohme Website


The Rolec WallPod Charging Unit comes in Type 1 & 2 options, offering both Single Phase (7kW) and 3-phase (22kW) versions. It’s a straightforward charger: once your car is plugged in, it charges until your desired range is reached. Available in various colours and options, including tethered and untethered models.

Rolec Website